3 Tools to Boost Business Productivity

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Whether you’re a business owner, CEO, or manager of a team, chances are you’re forever looking for new and innovative ways of getting more out of your people, in terms of there productivity and output.

One of the best ways and perhaps most common techniques is to increase employee engagement and wellbeing, as a happy worker is almost always a more productive worker. Another great way of improving productivity is to make sure your team has the tools required to do the job at hand. However, there are also tools that can offer additional productivity, by reducing the time spent on manual tasks which can be fully or partly automated away.

Here are 3 such tools which can help to boost productivity in your business:

1. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation tools have been becoming more popular over recent years, after initially being adopted by big business, they are now making their way into the marketing departments of medium-sized businesses around the world.

Tools such as Marketo and Hubspot can be implemented to reduce a serious amount of automated marketing tasks, such as sending and replying to emails, but there is a lot more to these platforms.

Not only can marketing automation tools help to save time on repetitive tasks, but they can also add a lot more output to a marketing department, allowing a business to target a wider set of potential customers, and drive more repeat sales from existing customers.

2. Human Resources Software

An HR department deals with many different projects, tasks, and areas of a business. These often include job advertisements, interviews, onboarding, training, employee engagement, and much more. And with businesses with hundreds or even thousands of members of staff, these tasks become ever more resource-heavy.

This is why HR software has become so popular with growing SMEs and even startups. HR tools allow the team to efficiently track and report across multiple HR projects and tasks, as well as offering their own bespoke tools and programs to help HR teams work efficiently and get the most from their day.

3. Communication Tools

It is often said that meetings within a business are the single largest drain on productivity, and it stands to reason. If you have eight people sitting in a single meeting for one hour, that’s an entire workday lost. This doesn’t consider the time spent trying to locate and book a meeting room and getting everyone to agree on a time and date.

With this in mind, many businesses are putting an end to traditional meetings and instead of using tools like Skype to communicate straight from their desks. Conducting meetings in this way is much more efficient and even reduces the time of the meeting by eliminating some of the chit-chats which come with locking several people in a room together.

There are a wide variety of tools available to help your business become more productive, far too many to cover in this guide. A little time spent researching and reviewing such tools could save your business a lot of time and money in the long run.

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