Adil C Takes Philanthropic Action with Pencils of Promise

Have you seen Adil C’s social media lately? From posts about FUCK CANCER, all the way to launching a charity fundraiser with the known for providing education charity, Pencils of Promise.

Recently the singer started sharing FUCK CANCER (founded by Yael Cohen Braun) posts and information all over his Instagram Stories and then announced to his fans that he’ll be doing an exclusive photoshoot (Ray Sicard Visuals) for the FUCK CANCER & Pencils of Promise apparel that the kind teams had sent over to him.

It wasn’t shortly after Adil C announced that he’ll be partnering up with Pencils of Promise to raise funds to aid in the PoP mission.

Pencils of Promise (founded by Adam Braun) is a charity that strives to build a better future for kids all around the world that don’t have access to education. The mission was to provide education for students who didn’t have access to it by building schools and creating the necessary facilities for them to do so. A familiar name, Justin Bieber, was brought into the picture of the PoP vision with the help of Scooter Braun; the charity’s founder Adam Braun’s brother. Together they were able to raise money to help the charity really kick off the ground. Today Pencils of Promise now has over 500+ active schools providing over 100,000 students successful education.

“Knowledge is everything. Without knowledge, we simply lack the information to take action” said ADIL C.

When Adil C connected with Pencils of Promise, he completely fell in love with the cause of what the charity has accomplished, and is still continuously doing. He is now doing a full fundraiser for the charity by not only inspiring his fans to donate to help many more kids access knowledge, but he is also donating 100% of all the streaming revenue that his song “Where Are You (Reimagined)” generates in the first month of the song’s release.

You too can help provide kids across the globe with access to knowledge and schooling by directly helping out to his fundraiser here:

Stream the song below to make an impact with Adil C:

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