Art Connects the Globe

Art Connects the Globe, Chengdu Talks to the World

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The First International Youth Art Festival Launched on May 4th.Art connects souls by erecting colorful bridges. Chengdu talks to world youth.

As the global epidemic is raging, the first International Youth Art Festival, an art gathering blending science and technology and art, kicked off on May 4th by Xinglong Lake in Tianfu New Area. This festival enjoys two themes including the opening ceremony of the Youth Art Festival and the Tianfu Cultural and Creative City Promotion Conference focusing on three major events including Renovator, the global youth creative program, Improv, the global improv art interactive show, and Design Out Isolation, the design art exhibition, applying science and technology and art scenes to connect 20 countries around the world and invite 50 global top art and design schools, internationally renowned art institutions, over 10 international top mentor artists, and international improv art masters through online and offline activities. The unique charm of Chengdu as the World Famous Cultural City and the artistic vitality of Tianfu New Area are to be elaborated incorporating the internationally diverse digital art expression.

Art Connects the Globe

It is reported that it is dedicated to establishing a cross-sector integrative innovation platform for technology and art to build the brand digital cultural and innovative IP with international influence.

Art Connects the Globe

Technology and art integrates. The digital cultural and creative platform emerges by the most beautiful lake in Chengdu.

The International Youth Art Festival kicked off at THELAKE.ART, a museum by Xinglong Lake in Chengdu. As the first digital art museum in Tianfu New Area, THELAKE.ART’s operation will be fourfold in the future — “technology + art” technological creative space, international art events, the global youth art community center, and the first new retail trial store of art. It will integrate technology and art by incoperating international digital cultural innovation IP, top art institutions, and art masters to break boundaries between the virtual and real world. Imagnation will be transformed into reality with all-rounded visually creative products. It will also run the popolar online digital art interactive display, art residency, and new retail scenes of art. Such is the bellwether of urban art, attracting more young artists to participate in creation and enhance the influence and competitive strength of digital cultural innovation of Chengdu.

Art Connects the Globe

Life nurtures art, art enlightens life. Everyone is a performing artist.

One of the key agendas of this year’s International Youth Art Festival is the launch of the Global Emerging Artists Project by soliciting works from young artists and art fans from top art schools around the world. Christl Baur, co-producer and curator of the world’s most influential electronic art festival, Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria, will be the chief advisor leading the world-beating art mentor team made up of art masters from Polytechnic University of Milan in Italy, Sorbonne University in Paris, France, Royal College of Art in the UK, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University. For those who are interested in it, please log in to the official website ( ) to sign up.

The highlight of this festival is the international IMPROV Interactive Art Show. In order to stage in Chengdu an international top-level interactive show, the organizers specially invited Franck Buzz, art director and founder of the SUBITO and founder of the LightBox in France, Cathy Salit, top performing artist, professional musician and jazz singer in New York, Stephen Achmanovitch, world’s top-ranking improv music master, Ben Hartwig, doctor of genetic biology at the University of Cologne, Germany…. World-renowned top improv artists and masters completed a multi-national improv public art event through the “online + offline” interactive connection.

Art Connects the Globe

In addition to breathtaking artistic performances, teaching programs promoting “Design Out Isolation” was jointly initiated by Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University, School of Design, Jiangnan University, School of Design, Hunan University, Guangzhou Academy of Fina Arts. Against the backdrop of the epidemic, artists explored possible solutions in the draconian quarantine based on their personal experiences. This event is hosted by CIDIH and substantially supported by WHO, FAO, and DESIS.

Prosperity of art builds on youth. Chengdu generates new trends of visual art communication.

Youth, the new force of artistic creation, is the foundation of the prosperity of art career. This Festival is not only a top-notch art festival that attracts global attention, but also a stage showcasing world culture, an opportunity to talk with world youth, and a responsibility to evolve with the world. Chengdu, the World Famous Cultural City hosting this art festival, integrates and releases internship opportunities of various enterprises in Chengdu so that it can empower young students in the world and provide tangible help and internship opportunities for students at home and abroad whose study has been interrupted by the epidemic. Chengdu invites young artists from around the world to increasingly engage in by generating new thinking, new ideas, and new trends, promoting cultural exchanges and dissemination, and creating and leading the new revolution of visual art communication, which injects new vigor into Chengdu’s building of Culture and Innovation Center in West China and World Famous Cultural City.

Geographical boundaries separate no art. Tianfu New Area initiated promotion for“100-Day Contest” between Tianfu New Area and Tianfu Cultural and Creative City (Sino-Italian Cultural Innovation Park). With sincre invitation to global art youth and culture and innovation enterprises, based on cultural exchanges and economic and trade cooperation under the “Belt and Road” outlook, this City focuses on three major clusters including creative design, digital films and television, and culture and tourism, with efforts to protect ecology, promote culture and creativity, and establish brands to build a model park city with beautiful and livable space for ecology, production and life. We will build the new “Belt and Road” (China-Italy) culture and innovation landmark, the world-class culture and innovation IP incubation highland, and the international theme cultural tourist destination so as to act as a hub of global culture and innovation industry system and represent Chengdu in international culture and innovation exchanges and cooperation

Art Connects the Globe

Art designs light up life. Love warms the world. In Chengdu, we extend greetings to young people all over the world to listen to the voice of the world with art, comfort the temporarily silent city with love, and create a beautiful symbiotic future by sharing. On the bank of Xinglong Lake, we will connect the world with art. Chengdu, a famous historical and cultural city, welcomes young people around the world to innovate. After this International Youth Art Festival, THELAKE.ART ( will be open to the public to create a cultural and creative space where technology and art integrate. It will interact with audience in real time, producing an extraordinary sensory experience. With the power of “technology + art”, the museum will lead the global digital cultural and creative trends, create an international cultural consumption scene, and ignite vitality of urban art creation.

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