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5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Business

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Starting a business can be exciting and open doors to various other opportunities for you. It is important to realize the fact that there are no shortcuts to starting one. It is a result of preparation, hard work, and consistency. Quite often, people think of starting a business but due to lack of knowledge and resources, they fail to accomplish their goals.

In this particular article, you will get to learn about the factors that need to be considered before starting one. Enthusiasts who are on a mission to achieve something creative and profitable can greatly benefit from this guide, as it will enlighten them regarding all the business prerequisites. So, without further ado, let’s discuss the factors that you need to consider before initiating a business.

Create a Business Plan


Before you begin, you need to create an appropriate plan. Proper planning is crucial for the success of your business. This plan should include details regarding the product that you will be introducing in the market. In addition to this, describe your strategy and the goals you are willing to achieve in the initial years. Moreover, briefly define the nature of the industry in which you are going to conduct your business. This will help you in analyzing the level of competition that exists in that particular market.

Choose a Target Market


Conduct thorough research regarding the targeted market for your products. This includes in-depth knowledge about the demographics, psychographics, and lifestyle of your potential audience. In addition to this, keep a close check on the buying patterns of your customers in order to know how and when exactly they purchase the products that you are offering. Indulge in dialogues with your audience to learn and comprehend their interests. This will give a better idea about what they are looking for in a product. Once you have gathered all the meaningful insights, modify your products according to your customers’ demands so that you can provide the perfect solution to their problems.

Design a Competitive Edge


The competitive edge is the unique selling point of your business. People are always attracted to something that is different and one of a kind. Make sure that the competitive edge of your business is difficult to copy for other entities. It can be the product that you have created, the price of the commodity, customer service, etc. For example, Apple offers state of the art technology to its customers, which no other entity in the market can provide. This innovation is the reason behind the success of that company. The mission should be to eliminate the problem that people face in their daily life. Instead of offering already existing products, come up with solutions that solve existing issues.

Market Your Business


Design and execute marketing strategies before the launch of your business. This will help you create a hype of it in the market and you will develop an initial customer base beforehand. The advent of the internet has made marketing and advertising extremely economical and affordable. By using social media, you can reach out to millions of potential customers to spread the word about your products. If you do not have an internet connection, it is highly recommended that you visit this site and get one right away to promote your business offerings. With online marketing, you will be able to expand your newly established business to another level. Furthermore, you can also create a website and start selling and marketing the products online.

Select an Ideal Location


The location matters a lot. In a way, it represents the reputation of your company. If you are offering a high-end commodity, make sure that the outlet is located in an elegant and posh area so that customers can conveniently visit the store. People who visit your store should get a personalized experience so that they happily return to you. Apart from that, the government policies should be favorable in that area so that you can easily conduct your business without worrying about any legal complications.  



In the end, it all comes down to your determination and willingness to start a business. Ideas matter but the actual game is the execution of that particular idea. Take the initiative and learn from your mistakes in order to avoid them in the future. Consider the aforementioned factors and try to create a company with all the right ingredients. Create and deliver actual value to your customers and you will be successful in a matter of months. Although there are many risks in starting a business, the benefits completely outweigh the uncertainties. Once you become an established entity, you get the power to influence others in the industry. Good luck!

Celebrities’ Iconic Looks at The Met Gala 2019

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met gala getty images

Without any doubt, the most important event in the fashion world is the Met Gala, formerly known as Costume Institute Gala which is basically a fundraising event for the benefit of Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in the New York City.

It started off as a simple fundraising event but now it has turned out to be the most luxurious and blockbuster event in the fashion calendar and considered a Jewel in New York City’s social crown.

Each year brings a different theme, one that aims to challenge and inspire the A-list stars in attendance. From religious iconography to innovative headpieces, attendees are dared to commit to being an extra as possible as they climb the iconic staircase to meet their host, Vogue editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour. 

This year’s theme was “Camp; Notes On Fashion” which is inspired by Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay in which she described “Camp” as, “a vision of the world in terms of style – but a particular kind of style. It is the love of the exaggerated, the “off,” of things-being-what-they-are-not.”

A lot of top Celebrities appeared at The Met Gala with extravagant outfit and outlooks. Here are the unique, fabulous and most exaggerated looks of the celebrities from the event.

You can check the full gallary here.

China’s Huawei Technologies blacklisted In U.S.

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huawei banned in USA

The Commerce Department of United States announced on May 15th, that they are putting the Huawei Technologies Co Limited of China and its 70 affiliates to a blacklist, called the Entity List which would immediately stop the banned entities from buying components and parts from the U.S. except with the approval of the U.S. government. In the past, these giants used to buy these items without any hindrances.

U.S. Officials while talking to media said that it would greatly affect the production process of China’s Technology giant if not stopping it altogether due to its reliance on the U.S. supplies.

After this decision’s application, China would need a license from the U.S. Government if it has to buy supplies from America. Huawei which would come under the circumstances has not yet commented about this whole situation.

Commerce secretary said in a statement that the decision will, “prevent American technology from being used by foreign-owned entities in ways that potentially undermine U.S. national security or foreign policy interests.”

This decision is also part of the trade war as a few days back the trump administration’s imposition of new Tariffs on Chinese goods. The Trump administration is also lobbying some other countries not to use Huawei equipment in next-generation 5G networks.

The commerce department is of the view that it has reasonable assurance that, “Huawei is engaged in activities that are contrary to U.S. national security or foreign policy interest.” The department justified their move by saying that they have based it after the Justice Department’s accusation about Huawei providing prohibited financial services to Iran.

Huawei reported first-quarter revenue of $27 billion last month and said it had shipped 59 million smartphones in the first quarter. Huawei has yet to make any statement regarding this issue as nobody has come forward to confront it yet.

Glass Augmented Reality Headset: A New Revelation By Google

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Google Glass Augmented Reality

Glass is a small, light and a handy wearable computer that displays every information that you need, in your line of sight. Glass is clipped to the glasses or safety goggles as the case may be and provide you all the information and instructions that you need, immediately by telling you what to do next without taking your hands off of the work that you are doing to go see the instruction manual for the next step.

After getting the positive feedback from the industries the glass was being used i.e. manufacturing, Field services, logistics, and healthcare where Glass has increased the efficiency of their respective fields by providing hands-free access to the valuable information, Glass Edition has moved on to Glass Edition 2 which is new and improved.

Glass Augmented Reality Headset aka Glass Edition 2 which was basically the work of the parent company of Google Alphabet X’s “Moonshot Factory”, has moved from Alphabet X to Google’s designated line of products. Alphabet X has been with the help of its partners, providing the Glass Edition to its valuable customers who have been using the device to increase their efficiencies in their respective fields. These include AGCO, Deutsche Post DHL Group, Sutter Health, and H.B. Fuller. However, to cater to the needs of ever-growing customers, the Glass team has decided to move to Google.

Glass Edition 2 which is a Glass Augmented reality headset is a business focused device with a lot of improvements as compared to its earlier version along with a customized design for every different field based on their particular needs.  So as to cater to the requirements of every industry efficiently.

The platform on which the Glass Augmented Reality Headset is built is Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 which has a better central Processing unit along with a more powerful artificial intelligence engine. This helps with power saving, efficiency, and support for computer vision and advanced machine learning capabilities. Google has partnered with Smith Optics to make Glass compatible safety frames for the different kinds of working environments like field services, logistics, and manufacturing.

The new Glass Headset has a better camera efficiency and quality and a better charging port which supports faster charging and improved battery life so as to allow the customers to use more glass between charging.

Google also claims that the headset is “easier to develop for and deploy” as it is based in Android making it simple and easier for the users to “integrate the services and API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) they already use”. Google is not positioning the headset as its mainstream product but it is expecting sales from the enterprises from all over the globe due to its customized, easy to use and improved overall features.

Google has claimed that the Glass headset would lead to faster lead times, improved quality, improved efficiency by decreasing the chances of error and reduction in the expenses. There are other companies who are focusing on the enterprise based augmented reality headsets but the customer-focused augmented reality headsets have not gotten so far.

Almost Everything There Is To Know About 5G

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In this day and age, speed and technology is everything. That day is not far when these two will be the only things to survive in this fast-paced lives that we are living. When super speed and super technology are blended together it makes 5G. 5G, Fifth Generation, a successor of 4G can be defined as the next generation of a broadband connection which promises faster connections, better capacities, and improved capabilities. It defines the newest update on how mobile phones should actually work.

With all the hype, there are debates and researches about the pro’s and cons and there are all types of the school of thoughts so as to better understand what outweighs what. This is a compilation of almost all the information that is available on 5G and how it is going to stand out.


First and foremost quality that has made the people crazy excited about 5G is the speed that it is being promised. Like with 4G, one can download a high definition movie in half an hour, with 5G he would be able to download the same movie in half a second.

Signal Strength

5G also means less losing the signals as happens with 4G when base stations are overloaded. Huawei’s Chief Technology Officer claims that a typical 5G cell tower can handle a hundred times more unique devices than a 4G one could from mobiles to equipment sensors video cameras to smart street lights.


The coverage provision to different areas solely depends upon the decision of carriers basing it upon the net cash flow calculations of different areas.


Latency basically is the speed that a single bit of data takes to travel the journey. With 5G this speed would be reduced to 1ms which is a hundred times faster than a 4G, enabling the user to experience a robotic interaction.


5G will operate on high-frequency bands which will have a lot of capacity but will cover shorter distances. It will clearly allow a fast and wide coverage for communication but the signals would be unable to travel as long as the existing low-frequency signals are doing making the faster connections short ranged.


5G is already up and about in South Korea and in some cities of the US as test runs. It is also available in Estonia, Finland, and Switzerland. China and Japan are on their heels since these availabilities and are targeting 2020 for nationwide rollouts. Rest of Asia and Europe will also follow over the next decade.

Short Term Aspect

According to the research, 5G will benefit the carrier more than the consumer and the costs the carriers will have to bear will be passed on to the consumers as always.

Long Term Aspect

The huge volume of data that the 5G is promising to deliver in the shortest span of time means a lot of bigger things than just faster downloads to one’s phone. Distance learning, connected devices with other devices, associated towns and places and many other applications that need low latency and high bandwidth would no longer just dream as 5G is willing to cater all of these issues.

The Governments need to harmonize the standards for the spectrum, which would be able to carry the vast date as promised by the 5G. It also needs a new and improved infrastructure of masts, base stations, and receivers.

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