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Eight Amazing Event Ideas for Restaurants to Get More Customers

Top 8 Fantastic Event Ideas for Restaurants

No matter the industry you work in, events are a great way to add a human connection to your brand and build relationships. The same goes for restaurants and businesses in the food industry. Hosting an event is a great way to attract more customers by offering them new experiences and an opportunity to connect… Keep Reading


Lion Fund and Red Capital Acquire BJS on the Spot

According to Singapore’s MediaCorp, the subscription to BJS has received a lot of interest and support over the past month and it is very exciting to see the BJS Foundation’s official message indicating that BJS may exceed its original subscription. A number of investment institutions (including Japan’s Softbank Group and Taiwan’s Foxconn Group) have already… Keep Reading

Business Loans Qualification

Business Loans Qualification for Commercial Firm 2020

Do you’ve got a business, or would you want to begin a commercial enterprise? The essential motive most commercial enterprises fail is they lack get right of entry to good enough investment for his or her enterprise. If you meet all of the guidelines, you’ll qualify for the best charges and phrases with the lowest… Keep Reading

The Government of India Pushing the MSME Sector

Why is the Government of India Pushing the MSME Sector?

As per an official report, India has more than 6.3 crore micro, 3.3 lakh small, and 5,000 medium enterprises.  These MSME sector comprising these units contribute –  ● 24.63% to the services GDP. ● 6.11% to the manufacturing GDP. MSMEs form the foundation of India’s trade and commerce, which is why the government has been… Keep Reading

Top Inventory Audit Procedures For E-Commerce Businesses

Top Inventory Audit Procedures for E-Commerce Businesses

Audits are notorious for being time-consuming and lengthy procedures that require a lot of manual work. However, audits provide an insight into the financial situation of your business and different accounts. Similarly, the purpose of an inventory audit is to provide an accurate picture of the inventory and to avoid possible stock-outs. E-commerce businesses are… Keep Reading

Open Leadership Is A Key Factor in Business Growth

Why Embracing Open Leadership Is A Key Factor in Business Growth?

While the true effect of the coronavirus outbreak on business remains to be seen, early predictions from the EU Commission point towards a decline in economic activity of 7.5% in 2020.  This immediate downturn is inevitable as governments halt many business operations to contain the spread of the virus. But how the global economy will… Keep Reading

make money

10 Easy Ways to Make Money Online Working from Home

Everyone wants to make some extra money by working online because it is easy to work from home at your preferred timing. Students also want to make some money to meet their study expenses and other needs. Here in this article, you will learn 10 different easy and simple ways that can be used to… Keep Reading

IRS Audit In UAE

How To Prepare For IRS Audit In UAE

Every organization, no matter public or private, has to go through an audit for tax returns. It may not be a happy choice but a compulsion for business companies in the UAE and other parts of the world. Therefore, the businesses have to undergo a comprehensive overview from an Internal Revenue Service agent for scrutiny.… Keep Reading

Features of LED Lights

A Complete Guide To Buying of LED Lights

Led lights are available at very reasonable and affordable costing. They can be used everywhere means everywhere hospitals, salons, schools, houses, kitchen, bathroom, etc. The reason is their brightness keeps all things shinier and brighter. But for buying them, you must know what it is, what its features are, and what kinds of lights are… Keep Reading

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