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Chinese vape company SnowPlus accused for faking background and market data

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Chinese new e-cigarette brand SnowPlus has been using fake information to mislead consumers, as Vapeast, world-renowned vaping media reported.

According to Vapeast’s report, although SnowPlus has stressed multiple times that it was working with Reverie Lab for product development, the lab—spells as Reverie Labs, in fact, did not have an e-cigarette-related business.

The brand has claimed that its products were developed by Reverie Lab, which has been providing safe and healthy nicotine replacements for years.

However, Vapeast reported that such information was fake, as it wrote:

“Reverie Lab(s) is a machine learning company and had never stepped in the vape field. Some companies are bragging about their company strength in much news.”

While SnowPlus claimed it applied the advanced atomization technology, food-graded glycerin, and organic nicotine salt, Reverie Labs, the medical-tech company’s website shows no single record that proves it has ever worked with SnowPlus or any vaping company.

No vaping related patent record can be found registered under the name of Reverie Lab.

(Screencap of Vapeast’s report)

Despite its untruthful advertisement, SnowPlus has claimed that it was the top player of the Chinese e-cigarette industry for multiple times. However, according to Sunshine Data, a Shenzhen-based industrial media, SnowPlus has sold only 55,000 sets of its vaping devices in July, ninth-ranked among Chinese vaping companies.

Among the total top 20 Chinese e-cigarette companies, SnowPlus’s market share only counts for about 2%

According to a previous report from AI Caijing, a Chinese tech outlet, SnowPlus ha been resorted to falsifying sales data from brick and mortar shops, purportedly to appease investors regarding their investment in the flailing startup.

Due to the relatively low market entry bar, some companies have been using false information to mislead consumers and investors while applying uncertified ingredients of lower cost. The Chinese e-cigarette industry is in urgent need of regulation.

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