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Style Guide for Wearing Men’s Beach Shirts

Style Guide for Wearing Men’s Beach Shirts

Whether you are going on the barbeque with your colleagues or hanging out at a beachfront bar, a beach outlook is for sure. For different gatherings, a minimalist style dress is in demand. No matter if you are a businessman or a painter, a picnic at the seaside is a source of enjoyment and fun… Keep Reading

For skinny light pink jeans, we have styles to cater to your every mood.

How can I Style my Skinny Light Pink Jeans?

If you have ever been stumped on what jeans you should wear for your everyday use, then this is for you! Skinny light pink jeans are one of the most versatile wardrobe items that you can easily layer up with tons of blouses and bodysuits. Plus, light pink skinny jeans are so smooth to pull… Keep Reading


Top Make-Up Tips for the Party Season

Fabulous tips to avoid make-up mishaps this party season. Make the most out of your features with these clever long-lasting techniques & affordable products Follow these party-proof make-up tips and you’re sure to look great… even at the end of the night. The best part? They’re easy enough to be foolproof. Evian– Not Just for… Keep Reading


The Wedding Guide for the Mature Bride

Although Americans are marrying at older ages, the accouterments of wedding garb, decorations, locale, and colors have not kept up with the changing demographics. The Mature Bride If a bride is over 40, she may think twice about a frilly bow-laden white gown and all of the accouterments, including a floor-length train and nine bridesmaids… Keep Reading

8 Must-Have Dresses For Your Child's Closet

8 Must-Have Dresses For Your Child’s Closet

Mothers have a lot of fun dressing up little girls. You can splurge on Disney-inspired frills, and go over the top while curating Princess-like dresses. Picking out ruffles and twirls, adorable hairpins, and lovingly selecting accessories is so much fun. You can recreate your own childhood fantasies and dresses, and give your little girl an… Keep Reading

Best Metal For Wedding Bands

Which Is The Best Metal For Wedding Bands?

People focus so much on the engagement ring, that the wedding band gets sidelined. But the wedding band is something you’ll wear every day of your life. It is a symbol of lifelong commitment and marriage. The approach of buying a wedding ring is quite different from an engagement ring. Many couples buy their wedding… Keep Reading

Creativity In Textile And Fashion Designing

Latest Creativity In Textile And Fashion Designing

The fashion industry is vast and technological innovations are making it more creative and stunning. From sewing machine to e-commerce evolution, fashion designing and industry are moving forward with artistic ideas and latest technology. When talking about innovation and creativity in this area, the thing comes initially in mind is, what’s new? Nowadays, creativity and technology are… Keep Reading

handwash cashmere scarf

Can I Hand Wash My Cashmere Scarf?

If you are a cashmere lover, there is no doubt that you will have basic knowledge about the properties of cashmere scarf. I know you’ve already figured out that cashmere scarf is quite delicate and luxurious. And on top of that, the cashmere scarf is also considerably expensive when compared with other winter scarves. That… Keep Reading

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