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Top 10 Features That Are Going To Head-up In Android Q/Android 10

TechnologyTop 10 Features That Are Going To Head-up In Android Q/Android 10

Android 10 or Android Q is going to be rolled out soon for the android devices. Google has already started incorporating it into the new Google Pixel series for the audience to get a taste of what’s to come. All of the new features coming with the release of Android 10 are candy to android app developers as they open a multitude of opportunities for them. Here are the top 10 features that come with Android 10:

1. Bubbles

Remember the pop-up chat head for the Messenger app? This new feature incorporates the same visual aesthetic of a circular chat head in the form of a Bubble that you can move around the screen for apps you are using. Although an android app development company needs to keep in mind about the apps they develop that can have this feature, as getting too many notifications on the screen while you’re operating, it might become annoying.

2. QR Codes for Wi-Fi

Another convenient feature for the normal people as well as android app developers, with this feature, you can share your Wi-Fi network with people by creating a QR code for your connection. Others will have to scan the QR code, and they’ll be instantly logged in to the Wi-Fi without the hassle of entering the password.

3. Location Control

Responsible and user-friendly Apps like Spy Phone use the location information with the consent of the user. But there are many apps that are using the location information without the knowledge of the user used to be a big annoyance because of the battery drainage. Now, the users can let apps have access to the location only if they are used regularly. This brings in a new convenience in the app development world, as it removes the idea from the users’ minds that apps can track their location and might cause unnecessary battery drainage.

4. Privacy

Every android application development company has faced the issue of conveniently letting the users know about the permissions their apps would require. With Android 10, a dedicated section for privacy settings is there to help you let you know what permissions each app is using, and lets you disable or revoke these permissions according to your likings.

5. Notifications

Android 10 has yet another feature to prevent any annoyance for the users. With new notification controls, you can tap and hold on the notifications to make them silent, which for many users, is helpful. The users don’t have to dig through the settings of each app to put their notifications on silent.

6. Captions

Another smart feature developed for the users is the live captions feature. With this feature, the user has the option to get live captions on any video without any usage of the data connection. This feature is particularly convenient for non-English speakers and also puts forth a plethora of opportunities for the android app development of video editing and video playing apps.

7. New Gesture Features

New features included in Android 10 also include new gestures. The classic button system has been ditched by the Android 10 and makes it a more immersive and one-handed experience through the gestures. Although optional, this feature aims to standardize the navigation of android smartphones through gestures.

8. Dark Mode

With Android 9, users got the feature of dark mode for certain elements in the UI like Settings. With Android 10, users can now use the dark mode in the whole UI, along with certain apps should they opt-in for that. Most of the Google apps and social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. will also have this feature.

9. Focus Mode

This feature is designed for the users as well as android app developers to provide them the option of focusing more on their work rather than getting distracted by their smartphones. Users can pause apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., for a certain amount of time so they can focus on their work.

10. Battery Saving

Users get to control how apps run in the background with Android 10. When running in the background, users can control which apps can resume and which apps should close when they are not being used. This ultimately increases battery life, and also saves the phone from overloading its RAM too much.

Android 10 has a lot of new features that can definitely set new trends in android app development. Android app development company that keeps up with the times to develop top-tier apps with qualified developers to deliver quality results. Contact professionals for more information about android app development.

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