Why Should You Buy GLM Marine Aftermarket Mercruiser Manifolds

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Many people think that the aftermarket parts business may seem rather repetitive. They consider that it’s already been done, right?

This can be true in many other industries, but GLM Products, Inc. has redefined the meaning of aftermarket products in the marine industry. At the time of its formation 20 years ago, GLM made the commitment to produce the highest quality aftermarket marine parts. Currently, their product line includes more than 4,000 items but that commitment continues today and they produce high-quality products.

GLM has expanded its business by expanding its product line by using the most current technology in manufacturing, design, and materials. The products in their line now include gears, empty housings, complete gearcases for outboards and sterndrives, driveshafts, propeller shafts, impeller kits, seal kits, bearings, and gaskets, as well as exhaust Mercruiser manifolds and risers.

Due to the high-quality of the products you can buy a product with confidence. How about buying GLM Marine aftermarket Mercruiser manifolds?

Never Refurbished

The best thing is that GLM products are new; never refurbished or rebuilt. They use a highly-skilled in-house design team that gives them the ability to produce a replacement part with increased reliability and performance, which is a key advantage in the aftermarket marine parts industry.

So when the boaters feel the economic uncertainty they can choose the best value by choosing GLM products.

New Manifold Conversion Kits

You should consider buying GLM’s manifold as they offer quality replacement manifolds at consumer-friendly prices. Recent additions to GLM’s manifold line include three conversion kits.

The first is GLM part number 58990, a kit for converting the old MerCruiser log-style manifold and end riser to the newer center rise manifolds on all MerCruiser sterndrive engines using the GM 5.0 or 5.7-liter blocks. The center rise manifold and elbow set have a larger cooling area and four-inch exhaust elbows which lower exhaust system backpressure, allowing exhaust gases to exit much quicker than with the original three-inch elbow. This new design lets you increase the power and performance of the boat’s engine by simply bolting on a new set of manifolds and exhaust elbows. The kit comes with two manifolds and two exhaust elbows, brackets, hardware, gaskets and everything necessary to complete the conversion without having to make any major modifications or remove the engine.

A second new kit is GLM part number 58992 for MerCruiser engines with the 4.3L 262 CID V-6. This kit allows you to convert to the new two-piece center rise manifold and four inch elbow combination and replace the single-piece OEM manifolds that are no longer available. Installation is easy, without having to remove the engine or change the Y-pipe. This kit also comes complete with everything necessary to accomplish the conversion, including the manifolds, exhaust elbows, gaskets, hardware and all related parts.

Both kits come with step-by-step directions to facilitate installation. Both are also available in aluminum: GLM part number 59990 for the V-8 kit and 59992 for the V-6 kit

A third new offering from GLM is the OMC Cobra 4.3L V-6 conversion kit. Like the MerCruiser V-6 kit, it replaces the single-piece exhaust manifold with a two-piece combination center rise manifold and four-inch exhaust elbow. This kit also bolts on without requiring the user to make any major modifications, remove the engine or replace the existing Y-pipe.

Enhanced Performance

As with all GLM exhaust manifolds, these three new kits incorporate the separated exhaust ports that essentially tune the manifolds, resulting in a more efficient and better-performing engine. All GLM cast iron manifolds and exhaust elbows also carry a three-year limited warranty.

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