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How Background Removal Can Make Your Product Image Blend in

In the world of advertising, it’s all about how to position your product or services to make them attractive in the eyes of the buyers. With the use of product photo editing and background removal service, your image will stand out from the crowd and be more attractive.

What is Background Removal Service

All images have background. When the picture is taken, there will be wall or landscape in the background. In the case of commercial product photography, there will be photography studio backdrop or white box or table top in the background. A background removal service provider can remove that background from the image.

Background removal service providers typically use photoshop application to remove the background form an image file. Image editing method of clipping path or masking is used to remove the background depending on whether the image will need sharp or smooth edge when finished. Sometimes it is at the discretion of the background removal service provider to pick the photo editing method of removing the background. Other times it is up to the client who decides what type of editing us needed.

How the Background is Removed from an Image File

As mentioned earlier, photoshop editing process such as image masking or clipping path is used for removing the background. An expert graphic designer or photoshop professional will use clipping path to isolate the object from the image. Once the object is isolated from the image file, it is then exported to a new file without any background. The exported object will show in a new image that will not have the background.

The new image can be saved on white background or on a transparent background depending on the need of the product or image owner. Depending on the purpose of the background removal service, the photo editing expert will deliver the final output.

What is Background Removal Services Used For

Backgrounds are removed from an image or an object to make the image blend in to the website background or product catalogs. A website usually has a theme. Whether it is a website with white background or custom color background, all images published on the website much look same and professional. An image with background posted on a website with different background will not look professional. Same goes with a product catalogs where the image must blend in. By removing the background to begin with from product image, designer can easily add the image on the website and catalogs to make it perfectly blend in to the background.

Finding a Background Removal Service Provider

While background removal service providers are dime a dozen on the internet, finding a quality service provider is at scarce. Many people will say or claim to be the “expert” but in reality, most of them will come short. In order to find a quality service provider, you will first need to contact the company or freelancer to see what they are offering. Ask for samples or better yet, get a free trial edit done to test the quality of the services. With the back-and-forth communication, you will be able to judge the level of communication, professionalism of the company and delivery time. You will also know the pricing. Once you have all the information at hand, you can make an informed purchase decision






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