Is It Safe to Go Camping During the Pandemic?

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Are you dreaming of an outdoor holiday? Camping during the pandemic is going to largely rest on the status of your state and the wider situation that’s occurring day by day. Unfortunately, concrete answers seem like a bit of a thing of the past at the moment. Our circumstances are evolving from minute to minute, so it’s important to always check official statements and government recommended guidelines to ensure that you’re sticking to the rules and being as responsible as possible. Please check your state’s official guidelines and best practices before you embark on any kind of travel, interstate, recreational, professional or otherwise. Staying up to date with official rules and regulations is the best way to ensure that you’re doing the right thing.

It’s safe for me to camp in my location, now what?

If you’re lucky enough to be in the position to be able to go on a socially distanced camping trip then there are a few tips and tricks that you can follow to ensure that your upcoming staycation is as safe and successful as possible!

Bring the right kit

You’ll need to be well and truly equipped in order to have a safe, comfortable and successful camping trip. If you don’t already have a trusty camper trailer on your side then now is the time to get investing. A trailer gives you all the freedom, comfort, storage and practicalities you could possibly need to have an incredible adventure. This purchase is going to give you a new lease on life during the pandemic, put it’s also going to serve you for years and years to come, so it’s a very wise item to be putting your money into right now – especially if you’re already a keen camper! Staycations are going to be in our lives for a long time, so why not make the most of your domestic time off?

Stay close to home

If you’re concerned about how quickly everything seems to be changing and you don’t want to find yourself caught out should anything take a turn for the worse, you should keep your trips short, sweet and close to home. No matter how relaxed your state is becoming, the situation could pivot at any moment. Ensure that you’re prepared for anything by staying a short drive away from your home.

Prepare, prepare, prepare

All experienced campers are schooled on how essential preparing is, by in order to have a safe socially distanced camping trip you’re going to have to kick this process up a notch. Pack plenty of masks, gloves, anti-bacterial wipes, hand sanitiser and a hearty first aid kit to ensure that you’re always at your cleanest and therefore most responsible. This is very necessary, getting through this time all depends on everyone’s commitment to eradication and the right gear is a core part of that. Pack plenty of food, water, warm clothing and any kit you might need for a dreamy socially distanced stint in the great outdoors.

Keep your distance from fellow campers

Of course, you’ll need to stay well away from any other patrons who are camping at the same spot as you. You can always enquire with your location of choice to stay on top of how the specific area is enforcing safe distances and general pandemic practices.

Be mindful of everyone that you come into contact with

Be incredibly mindful of who you’re coming into contact with pre, during and post pandemic camping trip. This is essential. You should also avoid coming into contact with any at risk persons two weeks following your trip, just to be safe.

Follow these guidelines for a safe, fun socially distanced trip outdoors this season!

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