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What Is The Purpose Of The Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme?

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Purpose Of Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP)

India boasts the highest population of individuals within 25 to 40 years of age. They represent the backbone of the nation, working in various sectors across the nation.

Unfortunately, despite her growing economy, India suffers from a long-standing high employment rate, plaguing the nation’s youth primarily. According to a report published in the Economic Times, India’s current unemployment rate stands at almost 6%, a substantial number considering her overall population.

To tackle this situation, the Government of India introduce several initiatives to boost employment opportunities. The Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) is one such credit-linked subsidy scheme that was initiated to encourage and generate self-employment opportunities for eligible candidates.

Under this scheme, a PMEGP loan is provided to unemployed individuals and traditional artisans, especially for the creation of various micro-enterprises in non-farm sectors. This advance offers all the benefits of MSME loans.

This scheme was introduced in lieu of two separate programmes, namely, the Rural Employment Generation Programme and the Prime Minister’s Rojgar Yojana in 2008.

Following is an overview of the purpose and objectives of this programme:

Purpose of Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) –

As PMEGP full form suggests, the main aim of this programme is to generate employment opportunities, especially in the small and micro-enterprise sector of the economy. This programme, administered by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, aims to fulfil the following objectives .

  • Generation of employment in both rural and urban areas of the country through various self-employment projects and micro-enterprise ventures.
  • Creation of self-employment opportunities for traditional artisans and unemployed youth at their residential location.
  • Generating sustainable and regular employment for the country’s unemployed rural youth and skilled workers to stop them from relocating to urban areas for employment.
  • To increase the quantum of an artisan’s income and boost the employment rate in both rural and urban areas.

To fulfil these objectives, the scheme has introduced the PMEGP loan, where beneficiaries can avail of a subsidy of 15-35% of their project’s cost from the government. The scheme also pays special attention to reduce challenges that every small business owners face.

What is the loan limit under PMEGP scheme?

Under this scheme, individuals can avail of a loan ranging between Rs. 9.5 Lakh and Rs. 23.75 Lakh.  For the manufacturing sector, the maximum cost of each project is set at Rs. 25 Lakh, while for the business sector, this limit is fixed at Rs. 10 Lakh.

This scheme requires beneficiaries to contribute 5-10% of their loan amount while the financial institution sanctions the remaining 90-95%. The amount sanctioned by financial institutions will be available as term loans.

Out of the 90-95% sanctioned amount from the financial institution, borrowers will have to repay only 60-75% of the project’s cost, and the rest will be covered under the PMEGP scheme.

Moreover, you will also have the facility to avail of a business loan from any financial institution even after availing such subsidised credit. Companies like Bajaj Finserv provides a high amount value of up to Rs. 30 Lakh to finance requirements of a small business, at affordable interest rates.

Other crucial PMEGP loan details –

Following are a few pertinent details for applicants looking to avail a loan under the Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme –

  • Repayment tenor for this advance ranges between 3 and 7 years after the completion of an initial moratorium period.
  • Interest rates of PMEGP loans are at par with regular rates, ranging between 11% and 12%.
  • Borrowers do not have to pledge collateral for loans of up to Rs. 10 Lakh. For projects above Rs. 10 Lakh borrowers have to pledge security according to the terms set by lenders.
  • For a few projects with the cost ranging between Rs. 5 Lakh and Rs. 25 Lakh, the Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises, provides the collateral guarantee.

With these loans from PMEGP, individuals can set up their businesses easily. Alternatively, for higher loan amount requirements, they can look into funding options provided by other financial institutions. The easy availability of credit and borrower-friendly repayment policy is likely to help boost India’s economy by a significant margin.

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SnowPlus, Flow and Other E-cigarette Startups Cut Short from Investment

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Chinese e-cigarette startups are facing a tough winter as investment institutions become more cautious about betting their money on the industry, PE Daily, a Chinese private equity media, reports.

According to PE Daily’s research, from last June until November, about 30 Chinese e-cigarette companies, have secured a total of over one billion yuan($140 million) in investment.

However, the excitement around Chinese vaping business has cooled due to the Chinese government issuing an online sales ban in early November.

PE Daily reported that the industry is now facing a turning point, and that companies that have failed to create a positive cash flow will be finding it harder and harder to survive the winter of 2019.

“Startups such as SnowPlus and Flow that fail to maintain a healthy operation will find themselves in a very cold winter if they are not able to secure further investment,” an anonymous venture capital partner told PE Daily.

Things were quite different back in 2018. Originally understood as having a low barrier to entry and high net profits, investors were extremely enthusiastic about China’s e-cigarette business, as China already has a mature supply chain and fast-growing market. It only took about five million  to start a new E-cigarette brand, according to PE Daily.

Luo Yonghao, founder of e-cigarette brand Vvild said their net profit remained at 10 million Yuan a month in the first half of 2018.

However, as the Chinese government issued the notice to ban online sales of e-cigarettes, the key to winning the competition lies in the brick-and-mortar business, but not every startup has a comprehensive strategy for their offline business.

“Companies such as SnowPlus and Yooz have similar strategies—offering their distributors their products at the lowest price to secure the market and sales channels, and then betting on those distributors to purchase from them again,” an e-cigarette investor told PE Daily.

He continued by stating that such a strategy could very well help expand the market share rapidly, but that without sufficient cash flow, it will find difficulty in making a profit. That is why many companies now need to heavily rely on continuous investment to support their low-pricing strategy. In a more egregious act of desperation to secure as much funding as possible, a number of brands have been found to be faking sales data to attract investors.

SnowPlus, for example, said it sold 800,000 sets of its vape product from this April to July. AI Caijing, a Chinese media outlet, has accused SnowPlus of faking the numbers.

Vapeast, a vaping media from Hong Kong also reported SnowPlus company faked its overseas R&D partner—Reverie Lab, which didn’t really exist.

Business Insider, reported in November that SnowPlus, went as far as to fake the signature of John McCain, the former US senator who passed away in 2018. The “signature” was found on a card endorsing one of their latest products.

“The E-cigarette business was very hot, but outside of some top investment institutions, which only invested the top companies, other capital has primarily come from individual investors,” said Zhao Yangbo, vice-president of investment of Polaris Capital. “However, investors have not abandoned the industry. In China, we are all waiting for the national standards for the e-cigarette industry to land.”

Dynamics 365 And Oil And Gas Industry

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Microsoft Dynamics for Oil and Gas

Oil and gas companies have run the word, both literally and figuratively in the pre-sustainability era. Fossils, some decades ago, not only fueled the world but also fueled events of war and peace and a lot of geo-political events that altered the world order. Time, fortunately, or unfortunately, is changing. The focus of the world is now directed towards renewable energy and not the oil fields in the Middle East. Fortunately for us, renewable energy does not incite a military war but unfortunately, it takes away jobs from the people who are working in the oil and gas industry.

There are no fixes to this current pattern. Fossil fuels have gone out of fashion and there is no pixie dust that can undo this situation. What can be offered instead, might look like a band-aid in the place of a tourniquet but anything is better than nothing. 

For the people who are working in this sector, fluctuating barrel prices, limited profitability and geopolitical influences and shift towards sustainable energy are hell-hounds as it is. What could do worse for them is running into administrative problems on top of it such as:

  • halt in operations 
  • connectivity interruptions across rigs and facilities 
  • limited data usage 
  • organization flaws

For the people working in this sector, Dynamics 365 can be a solution for some of the issues – administrative and organizational. A lot of data is processed in the facilities, rigs, transportation services and refineries. This data is an asset which can be used by the company to enhance and optimize present and future operations. 

Dynamics 365, a blend of CRM and ERP can be used as a host to a huge amount of business information. This includes order to purchase histories, shipping locations and past experiences, customer information, remote services, accounts planning. All in all, the 360 degree view is provided by this blend – from supply chain management to human resource and customer relations to support, all can be automated, optimized and handled by Dynamics 365. 


Through Dynamics 365, get a centralized financial management system which provides embedded analytics and intelligent insights and lets you optimize workforce productivity and financial effectiveness. Dynamics 365 also lets you save costs by automation of finances, budget planning and resource planning. The automation is itself flexible, making adjusting to new sites, roles and financial projects very easy.

Collaboration of teams

In facilities and rigs that are built offshore and in areas not easily accessible by humans, collaboration becomes a huge question mark. Through Dynamics 365, organization can be arranged into a visual hierarchy with outputs showing who is working currently with whom. This not only eases the process of identifying operations but also to dedicate them to the relevant person.

Production Management

Get help in building project estimates and operation quotations using Dynamic’s embedded cost and estimate templates, bill rates, and supporting tools. Looking over operations is very easy through a single dedicated dashboard. All the rigs, facilities and their operations can be accessed through a single access link which unifies the operative expanse. This will help you in analyzing performance, resolve issues and flag good or bad operations. 

Supply Chain optimization

Through Dynamics 365 and dynamics gp partner in UAE, you can be in control of the supply chain to and from oil and gas reserves and facilities & rigs. Through synchronization of the schedules across all the facilities, the logistics can be improved and enhanced. This supply chain enhancement will also work for customers where order to cash process can be automated and made visible through a single link access. Through Dynamics 365 and its range of products, you can connect sales and purchase with production, logistics, and warehouse management and streamline the three into a single unified, controlled process.

Human Resource Management

Wok force on far off facilities and rigs have to be constantly assigned new tasks and shifts have to be maintained. This can be managed through Dynamics 365 which can take over all tasks — recruitment and onboarding, to performance analysis and compensation to record and competency management. On rigs and facilities, human resource management can become a problem because of connectivity and bare minimum communication channels. Dynamics 365 can counter the geographical and communicational distance between the resource and the manager.  

It is given that businesses running in this sector cannot control the buying and selling rates of the product. It is also very clear that these services may be getting obsolete in the very near future (especially with the sudden realization of the world of the impending global climate crisis) but what is in your control is to make it good while it lasts. While the product itself might not be required anymore but the required services are sure to be hired by people around the globe. Employ Dynamics 365 to automate and optimize your operations today.  

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Chinese vape company SnowPlus accused for faking background and market data

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snow plus

Chinese new e-cigarette brand SnowPlus has been using fake information to mislead consumers, as Vapeast, world-renowned vaping media reported.

According to Vapeast’s report, although SnowPlus has stressed multiple times that it was working with Reverie Lab for product development, the lab—spells as Reverie Labs, in fact, did not have an e-cigarette-related business.

The brand has claimed that its products were developed by Reverie Lab, which has been providing safe and healthy nicotine replacements for years.

However, Vapeast reported that such information was fake, as it wrote:

“Reverie Lab(s) is a machine learning company and had never stepped in the vape field. Some companies are bragging about their company strength in much news.”

While SnowPlus claimed it applied the advanced atomization technology, food-graded glycerin, and organic nicotine salt, Reverie Labs, the medical-tech company’s website shows no single record that proves it has ever worked with SnowPlus or any vaping company.

No vaping related patent record can be found registered under the name of Reverie Lab.

(Screencap of Vapeast’s report)

Despite its untruthful advertisement, SnowPlus has claimed that it was the top player of the Chinese e-cigarette industry for multiple times. However, according to Sunshine Data, a Shenzhen-based industrial media, SnowPlus has sold only 55,000 sets of its vaping devices in July, ninth-ranked among Chinese vaping companies.

Among the total top 20 Chinese e-cigarette companies, SnowPlus’s market share only counts for about 2%

According to a previous report from AI Caijing, a Chinese tech outlet, SnowPlus ha been resorted to falsifying sales data from brick and mortar shops, purportedly to appease investors regarding their investment in the flailing startup.

Due to the relatively low market entry bar, some companies have been using false information to mislead consumers and investors while applying uncertified ingredients of lower cost. The Chinese e-cigarette industry is in urgent need of regulation.

SVAKOM Attended Asia Adult Expo 2019 In Hong Kong

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The Asia Adult Expo (AAE) which was held in Hong Kong from 27th to 29th of August is one of the biggest adult industry trading exhibitions in the world which is working in the Asia Pacific region. This event has been going on for the 12years. The outreach of the event is increasing and reaching new heights with 15% and 30% increase in both booth number and number of exhibitors showcasing their products in the big event respectively. The exhibitors and brands came from 8 different countries and regions and featured adult toys, health care products, Lingerie, BDSM, etc.

 SVAKOM was one of the inimitable exhibitors in AAE 2019.

According to a company representative “Regardless of the environment, Hong Kong is facing currently, the Asia Adult Expo 2019 was able to record the support of 3,800 trade visitors which came from 52 different countries and had exceeded all expectations. Our partners were from all over the world, from South Korea, HK, Australia, United States. It is very important for us to meet our consumers and Asia Adult Expo was a very good opportunity for us to reconnect with not only our existing customers in the industry but potential customers as well.”  

The representative also went on to add, “It was a good time to introduce our innovative products and spread the concept of our brand. Iris and Siren were among the most popular products apart from ELLA which is an app controlled vibrator which thrilled the people with its intense vibrations”  

According to a visitor, “The capability of the Siren is so exciting even for an experienced toy player and I have many ways to explore it revolving in my mind.”

A company representative said, “All the feedback and compliments from the participants I addition to their honest opinion helps us develop better products which are based more on their modern lifestyle”   To know more about SVAKOM, Visit:

The US SEC and Crypto Regulations

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The US SEC and Crypto Regulations

This year, on April 3, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission released new cryptocurrency regulatory guidance. In the document, it is thoroughly explained which crypto coins would be considered as securities by the United States.

The news of fresh crypto regulations was announced last November by William Hinman, the Director of the Division of Corporation Finance. Other members of SEC also agreed to this statement claiming that the agency was working on the document.

The SEC has greatly contributed to forming the crypto laws in the country. The agency took great measures to ensure the creation of comprehensive crypto regulations. 

Yet, it can be concluded that not everything about crypto regulations and their application is clear.

Finance Magnates, a multi-asset trading knowledge hub, interviewed a securities lawyer to understand the impact of SEC regulations on investors and token issuers as well as how to navigate the market.

The previously mentioned securities lawyer, Samuel Katz is a lawyer and a general counselor for a blockchain startup. He is specialized in United States Securities law, venture capital and digital tokens. 

Katz declared that crypto coins that will be classified as securities by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission are far more than most crypto investors believe it is.

“The thing that crypto traders should know is that in the United States, most tokens, with the exception of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), will most likely fall under the securities category.”

“Consequently, these crypto coins become objected to US securities laws that regulate everything from ICOs to securities. Other crypto coins like stablecoins will probably be regulated through other laws.”

When asked what tokens are actually considered as securities, Katz answered that even though the Securities and Exchange Commission explain their definition of securities, it can be summarized that those tokens that are going to gain profit for a small group of people are securities. 

Katz also mentioned that the Commission’s role in creating laws in the United States is quite limited since the actual laws are legislated by the United States Congress. The Securities and Exchange Commission’s job is to enforce the laws. In addition, the SEC has the ability to grant dispensation from the laws.

Since the Commission carries the responsibility of protecting US investors, it is very careful in its job of studying crypto coins. So when the SEC finds out about hack and frauds in the crypto industry it becomes worried about investors.

Another thing that the Securities and Exchange Commission takes interest in transparency. The United States laws do require disclosure and the SEC is trying to enforce the laws in the cryptocurrency market.

In the United States, companies and individual investors should discuss most things with an experienced lawyer, since some questions are still unanswered and unclear. Especially, dealing with asset-backed tokens can be a hassle, since it involves many legal questions. 

On the other hand, the SEC is also bringing many companies to court and the number is expected to grow. Hence, you should be very careful. SEC is going after exchanges, individuals and companies that will violate the United States securities laws.

If you already understand crypto regulations in the United States, you should also know how to monitor and manage your crypto portfolio. Crypto portfolio trackers are tools designed to make crypto investing easier for you. Don’t know how to you them? Check out this highly practical guide on cryptocurrency portfolio management.

China’s Huawei Technologies blacklisted In U.S.

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huawei banned in USA

The Commerce Department of United States announced on May 15th, that they are putting the Huawei Technologies Co Limited of China and its 70 affiliates to a blacklist, called the Entity List which would immediately stop the banned entities from buying components and parts from the U.S. except with the approval of the U.S. government. In the past, these giants used to buy these items without any hindrances.

U.S. Officials while talking to media said that it would greatly affect the production process of China’s Technology giant if not stopping it altogether due to its reliance on the U.S. supplies.

After this decision’s application, China would need a license from the U.S. Government if it has to buy supplies from America. Huawei which would come under the circumstances has not yet commented about this whole situation.

Commerce secretary said in a statement that the decision will, “prevent American technology from being used by foreign-owned entities in ways that potentially undermine U.S. national security or foreign policy interests.”

This decision is also part of the trade war as a few days back the trump administration’s imposition of new Tariffs on Chinese goods. The Trump administration is also lobbying some other countries not to use Huawei equipment in next-generation 5G networks.

The commerce department is of the view that it has reasonable assurance that, “Huawei is engaged in activities that are contrary to U.S. national security or foreign policy interest.” The department justified their move by saying that they have based it after the Justice Department’s accusation about Huawei providing prohibited financial services to Iran.

Huawei reported first-quarter revenue of $27 billion last month and said it had shipped 59 million smartphones in the first quarter. Huawei has yet to make any statement regarding this issue as nobody has come forward to confront it yet.

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