Raise Funds For Non-Profits Effortlessly

How To Raise Funds For Non-Profits Effortlessly?

2020 can be stated as one of the hardest years in the history of mankind. It has devastated almost all sectors of society. The pandemic has just changed everything for us. Now, people are roaming around for food, money, and hygienic places to live. But as we are about to ring in the new year,… Keep Reading

structured cabling UAE

What Are Low Voltage Systems? All You Need to Know

Technology requires energy to perform tasks and activities. However, it is not easy to comply with mega requirements without optimization. So, the low voltage systems are becoming popular, owing to increased energy efficiency. It is imperative to understand that low-voltage systems combine digital networks with optimized usage of electricity. If you are going to get… Keep Reading

why online chat rooms are for you

3 Good Reasons Why Online Chat Rooms Are for You

1). Connect with others freely, no matter where they are The possibility that online chat rooms offer to the users is immense; we can all find something interesting and that person we can have a nice conversation with.  At times we can have some fear of the fact that getting to know others may make… Keep Reading


Top Make-Up Tips for the Party Season

Fabulous tips to avoid make-up mishaps this party season. Make the most out of your features with these clever long-lasting techniques & affordable products Follow these party-proof make-up tips and you’re sure to look great… even at the end of the night. The best part? They’re easy enough to be foolproof. Evian– Not Just for… Keep Reading

SMS marketing

Benefits of SMS marketing campaigns for your business

Do you know? Short Message Service (SMS) was initiated for the first time in 1992. It was a text containing the words “Merry Christmas”! Since then, the SMS has turned to be part and parcel of the personal and professional life. Fast forward, SMS has turned into a significant way of marketing over the years. … Keep Reading

Benefits Of Buying A Yoga Mat For Exercise

Benefits Of Buying A Yoga Mat For Exercise

There are numerous options when it comes to buying a yoga mat for Dubai. You can choose from a variety of options such as an eco-friendly mat, one made from recycled plastic, or a mat that comes in different styles and colors. All this will depend on your budget, your preferences, and on the kind… Keep Reading

Preparing a Clinical Trial Budget

Best Practices for Preparing a Clinical Trial Budget

Preparing a robust clinical trial budget from scratch is a matter of great responsibility. Not only would the person responsible have to manage costs, but he/she would also have to deal with the pressure of keeping the expenses at bay. A clinical trial budget involves several components, and each component has to get fine-tuned to… Keep Reading

Top 3 Ways to Effectively Market Your Mobile App Using Social Media

3 Ways to Effectively Market Your Mobile App Using Social Media

Mobile app marketing can seem to be a daunting task, especially when there are over 5 million mobile applications available online. Even though the mobile app industry is thriving, the availability of a large market has also made the industry quite competitive. A key point to note here is that 25% of mobile applications are… Keep Reading

Why Hire Event Planners For Business Expos?

Why Hire Event Planners For Business Expos?

Business events and expos are the primary sources of business generation in this modern world. Owing to this, business people prefer hosting such gatherings to attract and engage investors and clients. It seems lucrative, but event planning is something tricky to handle for the newbies – So, better opt for event planners for easy assistance.… Keep Reading

VAT For Sole Establishments For UAE
Business/Real Estate

VAT For Sole Establishments For UAE

The imposition of Value Added Tax (VAT) is not new in the UAE as many organizations are already complying with it. However, many owners of sole establishments and individually owned companies look for proper guidelines for eliminating the risks. For this purpose, it is essential to comply with the guidelines provided by the Federal Tax… Keep Reading

Top Risk Areas of Internal Audit That Needs To Be Address by Auditor

Top Risk Areas of Internal Audit That Needs To Be Address in 2020

Every business has to face new challenges and opportunities every year. The digital advancement in this digital world brings both opportunities and challenges. To emerge as a globally recognized organization, you need to deal with challenges and snatch the opportunities. In the same way, the role of an internal auditor is also upgraded. They have… Keep Reading


The Best Souvenirs To Buy For Your Friends and Family

If you are looking for a unique gift for Christmas, a birthday, or a special occasion, then consider trying these personalized gift ideas that can make a difference. Original gifts can be hard to find on the high street but there are thousands of innovative products available online. Personalizing gifts is a sure way to… Keep Reading

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