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9 useful websites you wish you knew earlier

There are some incredibly cool and useful sites which aren’t as well-known as they should be. Click next to find why these sites are bookmark worthy. Check-distance.Com This is a very useful website to check distance between two locations. It is very easy to use. For example, you can find distance from Houston, TX to… Keep Reading

Extracurricular Activities And Personality Development Of Children

Extracurricular Activities And Personality Development Of Children

Education is one of the essential parts of the life of any individual. Most of the educational institutes and parents as well, pay particular consideration to the education and learning of the children. Some parents do not realize the importance of extracurricular activities and pressurize their children to keep studying all the time. However, American… Keep Reading

microphone for gaming

Best Microphone for Gaming

Buying a microphone for gaming will give your voice a step up when it comes to one of the most important parts of the process as a whole communication (both to your teammates or even your enemies). Whether you’re in need of a simple solution to replace your headset mic (that really isn’t ideal for… Keep Reading

Creative Writing Block

How to Overcome Creative Block

As a writer, being able to unleash your creativity is not as easy as it seems. Writers often encounter different types of creative blocks that not only hinder progress but also prevent them from being more creative. A creative block or writer’s block can completely derail your writing progress and frustrate you to the point… Keep Reading


SVAKOM Attended Asia Adult Expo 2019 In Hong Kong

The Asia Adult Expo (AAE) which was held in Hong Kong from 27th to 29th of August is one of the biggest adult industry trading exhibitions in the world which is working in the Asia Pacific region. This event has been going on for the 12years. The outreach of the event is increasing and reaching… Keep Reading

Luxury Condos
Real Estate

Things To Consider Before Buying A Condo

Buying a condo may be the biggest purchase you make in your life given the present real estate prices in different cities. There are a few things you may want to consider before buying a condo: 1. Location This is the most significant factor when you are buying luxury condos. The view from your windows… Keep Reading

Your Handy Guide To Hire Reliable Property Conveyance Lawyers

Your Handy Guide To Hire Reliable Property Conveyance Lawyers

The ways of sealing the deals in businesses are rapidly changing owing to rapid globalisation. People have become highly conscious regarding the legal status of products or services before selling or purchasing anything. There is no exception when it comes to the property sale and purchase industry. Therefore, people usually acquire the services of experienced… Keep Reading

Top 5 Most Common Types Of Branding
Art & Design/Business

Comprehensive Guide To Types Of Branding in 2020

Branding is a marketing practice that can be used for shaping your brand. It is incredibly essential for the growth and identification of the brand. Importance of branding can be seen from the fact that a company gets its identity from proper branding strategies. It generates new customers and is responsible for bringing revenue to… Keep Reading

Organize A Successful Gala Event

Top Tips To Organize A Successful Gala Event

Every year nonprofit organizations organize gala events and gala dinners mainly for the fundraising purpose. They are mainly focused to engage like-minded people, into meaningful conversations to get fruitful results. You must have heard about some famous gala events like Met gala. Met gala is the most famous fundraiser gala event organized by vogue. It… Keep Reading

Top 5 Web Design Trends That Never Fade Off

Top 5 Web Design Trends That Never Fade Off

With the evolution of online business and business websites, web designers have a lot of scopes. Along with that, they have to face a lot of challenges of uniqueness and variety. Every web designing company or expert tries to be standing out different from the crowd. They want to come up with new ideas and… Keep Reading

What should employee wellness training include

Top Essentials Your Employee Wellness Training Should Include

There’s a global understanding about wellness programs in the corporate circle, and how they create a productive workforce. The knowledge has reached the Middle East too. As events promoting health and fitness at the workplace are organized, more and more people firms understand how important it is to remain healthy at the workplace. Approximately 81%… Keep Reading

images on website

7 Reasons Why Your Website Needs Amazing Images

It is the human nature that we are attracted to beauty. In other words, we are attracted to visuals. The images are a great way to add visual elements on your website. Visual content is more memorable than the simple text. You can express a lot of ideas and messages using a simple image. If… Keep Reading

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