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Pure Health Launches Covid-19 Field Laboratory

Pure Health Launches Covid-19 Field Laboratory At Sharjah Expo Centre

The new field laboratory was setup within a 48 hours window, within the COVID-19 dedicated field hospital setup by the UAE government at the Sharjah Expo Center SHARJAH – May 18, 2020: Pure Health, the largest laboratory operator in the GCC, has setup a full-fledged field laboratory dedicated to the nation’s fight against Covid-19. The… Keep Reading

Top Ways To Integrate Hologram Technology In Your Events

Top Ways To Integrate Hologram Technology In Your Events

We are living in a world where everyone is connected, and people are closer than ever before, and real-time information is within everyone’s grasp. If you are familiar with the “Star Trek” saga, you must have seen how the Starship Enterprise crew used 3d hologram projectors to communicate. Also, remember how the 3D shark jumped… Keep Reading

joy in daily routine

Easy Ways To Spark Joy Into Your Tidying Routine

Find out how to spark joy into your tidying routine to help this process be that little bit easier day today. If you’ve seen any of the various tidying routine programs and life improvement shows available on various streaming services, you will have heard a lot about how tidying can bring joy to your life.… Keep Reading


The Wedding Guide for the Mature Bride

Although Americans are marrying at older ages, the accouterments of wedding garb, decorations, locale, and colors have not kept up with the changing demographics. The Mature Bride If a bride is over 40, she may think twice about a frilly bow-laden white gown and all of the accouterments, including a floor-length train and nine bridesmaids… Keep Reading

Top 10 Business Schools in the World for 2020-2021

Top 10 Business Schools in the World for 2020-2021

Business studies across the world cost more than sciences, but their graduate earnings are also quite high as compared to other professions. Graduate opportunities and earnings also increase if an MBA or other business degree is from a notable institute. Therefore, a degree at a leading business school is very valuable as it pays for… Keep Reading

The Government of India Pushing the MSME Sector

Why is the Government of India Pushing the MSME Sector?

As per an official report, India has more than 6.3 crore micro, 3.3 lakh small, and 5,000 medium enterprises.  These MSME sector comprising these units contribute –  ● 24.63% to the services GDP. ● 6.11% to the manufacturing GDP. MSMEs form the foundation of India’s trade and commerce, which is why the government has been… Keep Reading

Top Inventory Audit Procedures For E-Commerce Businesses

Top Inventory Audit Procedures for E-Commerce Businesses

Audits are notorious for being time-consuming and lengthy procedures that require a lot of manual work. However, audits provide an insight into the financial situation of your business and different accounts. Similarly, the purpose of an inventory audit is to provide an accurate picture of the inventory and to avoid possible stock-outs. E-commerce businesses are… Keep Reading


News flash from the CDC: Teenagers are curious

According to recent data from the CDC, the most common reason teens in a survey tried e-cigarettes was “I was curious about them.” There you have it a teen vaping epidemic which is not caused by the presence of flavors in the vape e-liquids and disposable vapes. Its curiosity, plain and simple, and no legislation… Keep Reading

hard disk

How to Choose the Best RAID HDD Disk Array Level: 0, 1, 5, 10

RAID hard disk drive configurations explained. How to balance cost, reliability, read/write speed, data recovery, and storage capacity. RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) systems virtually join multiple hard disk drives (HDD) to form one logical hard disk. The computer sees that one logical hard disk and not the individual hard disks. There are different… Keep Reading


Top Tips for a Faster Computer

There are ways to speed up a computer that are not common knowledge. These tips can be applied by the non-expert and can make a real difference to the user. You’ve defragmented your hard disk and applied the Disk Cleanup facility in Windows. In addition, you have removed unused programs, but you are still unhappy… Keep Reading

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