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Contractual Claims in Construction
Legal/Real Estate

Contractual Claims in Construction: A Complete Guide

The success of construction projects depends on mutual trust and credibility. However, paperwork is necessary for accomplishing all the tasks and activities to ensure well-tracked progress. For this purpose, a contract is a document that contains all essential roles and responsibilities for the project owners, contractors, and sub-contractors. However, the contractual claims are a significant… Keep Reading

Top 5 Issues that Lead to Change Orders and Best Practices to deal with Construction Change Order
Real Estate

Top 5 Common Issues that Lead to Change Orders – How to Manage Them

A change order is an official request from the contractor for additional funding and time to complete the contractual obligations that have been revised on the owner’s request. If left unaccounted for, these change orders cause project delays and contractual issues leading to expensive disputes and litigation.  However, change order is not something to be… Keep Reading

Top 4 Steps to Ensure Proper Utilization of Critical Path Method (CPM) in Construction
Real Estate

Step by Step Guide to Implement CPM in Construction Projects

Critical path method (CPM), also known as critical path scheduling, is one of the most common and effective scheduling techniques utilized in construction projects. This technique helps the parties involved in the construction project to breakdown every single activity and estimate their time. After that, they estimate the completion time of the whole project and… Keep Reading

Best Methods of Resolving Claims
Legal/Real Estate

Principal Methods for Resolving Claims in Construction

The construction industry is the backbone of infrastructural development in the world. It is because progress in every country depends on the growth and success of the construction industry. However, disputes and conflicts can play a negative role in the successful delivery of construction projects. The disputes often result in claims leading to suspension or… Keep Reading

Home Loan Benefits
Finance/Loans/Real Estate

Tax Benefits on Home Loan: Read About These 3 Benefits

The Government of India has aimed to boost the real estate sector in the country by implementing different policies like – PMAY – Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, launched in 2015 this scheme aims to provide affordable housing to Indians. RERA Act, 2016 – Real Estate Regulatory Authority was formed, and the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act… Keep Reading

buy home
Real Estate

Why Negative Equity is Bad for First-Time Buyers

First-time buyers that have bought recently are experiencing falling house prices and negative equity. This is leading to house repossession and creditor harassment. According to the experts at Think Plutus,  the negative equity is bad for first-time buyers because: No Capital Growth for First-Time Buyers’ Many first-time buyers purchase a property because renting is seen… Keep Reading

Top Trends in Construction Claims and Disputes
Legal/Real Estate

Top Trends in Construction Claims and Disputes

The construction industry is significantly variable in its nature and scope. It is owing to the presence of complications in the projects that make sometimes lead to disputes causing claims in construction.  The individuals associated with the industry should consider all impactful factors to ensure foolproof strategies for the completion of their designated tasks.  For… Keep Reading

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