Rent car in Tbilisi and travel to Sighnaghi

Rent a Car in Tbilisi and travel to Sighnaghi

In this article I would like to tell you about one of the most interesting places to visit in Georgia – Sighnaghi town which is located in the east of Georgia and is considered one of the most beautiful in Kakheti region. It is also called the City of Love, either because everyone falls in love with it at first sight, or because they fall in love with each other, wandering through its romantic streets. It may be that both feelings are intertwined.

You can reach Sighnaghi by bus or other public transport but I recommend to rent car in Tbilisi because you will definitely like to explore this town when you see it. You will find a kind of observation deck here, which offers a great view of the houses perched on the mountain Sighnaghi, this is a good place to make an exploration plan.

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After you have rented a vehicle you can explore the capital of Georgia and then head to Sighnahi. This is a fortress town located on a high hill in the center of the Alazani Valley. Now it is actively developed as one of the tourist centers. The city is interesting because its architecture combines traditional Georgian elements with details of Southern Italian classicism. All this beauty is located high in the mountains, and what could be more beautiful than mountains in combination with winding cobbled streets and red tiles of cozy houses.

Experienced travelers say that Sighnaghi is very similar to a small European town. It is difficult for me to judge, but I liked the City of Love unequivocally, and it does not matter whether it looks like a European village or not.

Sighnaghi is relatively young. As one of the residents told us, the modern city was founded in the second half of the XVIII century by King Heraclius II, although the construction of the fortress walls was started in the XIII century by Queen Tamara.

So, first of all, the city is famous for the fortress of the same name, in search of the entrance to which we wandered through the streets for quite a long time. On the way to the fortress, it is impossible not to notice the Church of St. George, which is a favorite subject for tourists to take photos.

You can see the fortress perfectly, as it is huge: four and a half kilometers of walls surround the entire old part of the city and even go beyond the city borders. To get to the wall, you need to go down Gorgasali Street to the gate, from which the ascent begins. Walking near the wall is completely safe and comfortable.

The fortress walls offer fabulous views of the Alazani Valley. At the foot of the mountains, about two dozen villages are scattered like beads. To describe the beauty and scale of the valley is unrealistic, it is necessary to see it. The green-blue canvas with interspersed houses and massive mountains stretches further than the eyes can see.

Perhaps the hilly area of Sighnaghi is not the most convenient for building homes. However, the people actively built and are building their homes here. The fortress wall is divided into sections by towers, which can be reached by wooden stairs specially made for tourists. Walking around the fortress, we noticed a nice restaurant nearby.

I was really impressed by visiting Sighnaghi and definitely recommend you to visit this place if you are going to travel in Georgia. The car we have rented in Tbilisi at GSS Car rental preformed pretty well and I can also recommend you to hire a vehicle at this company.






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