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Benefits of Corporate Branding

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Benefits of Corporate Branding

For businesses to become household names, they have to work on their branding. A significant example of these kinds of brands is Nike. The sportswear corporation has taken over its designated industry with amazing branding techniques. Their infamous slogan, “Just do it!” is just one of the ways people know the brand.

Another significant example is McDonald’s, a fast-food chain that has been around for decades. People recognize the brand simply because of their logo. For a business to become so well known that customers associate specific colors with them, excellent corporate branding is needed. This process uses a combination of logos, slogans, and trade names for full impact.

Why Do People Prefer Certain Brands?

There are many reasons why some businesses rise to the top, and others don’t. One of the main factors is an excellent corporate branding strategy and its implementation. Customers prefer Apple over Samsung or Coke over Pepsi. Why is this a common aspect of consumer behavior? We see warring brands online, especially on social media. The competitive nature of today’s market is what leads to specific preferences. And this is also why connection with the customer is so vital for a brand. Planned exercises are what customers engage with and fall. But how do you establish this kind of a strong presence in your industry? Branding needs to make businesses recognizable. So whether it is through the use of promotional hats or color palettes, it has a lot of advantages.

Portraying a Good Brand Image

The business identity you choose to put out into the world is how people will see you. Not only does it act as an asset for your company, but it also showcases who you are as a business. When it comes to your slogan or logo, you communicate the kind of personality to whom customers will interact. The perception of your customers will thus come from this tactic and can make or break your business.

When you are attempting to project your idea to the audience, make sure that their expectations met.

Portraying the right brand image is all about the service you provide, the quality of your products, and how reliable you are. Creating this kind of trust with your customers takes time and energy, which is why branding is not a one-day task.

The Advantages of Corporate Branding

For both small businesses and large corporations, branding is essential. As a marketing strategy and promotional tactic, it required to build up a brand. For the functioning of a business, it allows:

  1. Cohesion and alignment with the original idea of your business.
  2. High levels of innovative solutions because of adequate work practices and easy collaborations.
  3. There is more trust with the stakeholders and investors, which makes for reliable operation within the company.

Here are a few benefits of corporate branding which you can avail:

Conveyance of Stability

Even if you are the best in your industry and understand all the aspects of running a business, it is not enough. Experience is not the only factor that helps the image of your company. An excellent corporate branding idea gives the impression that your business is here to last. The definition of your business should be one of quality, and it is also providing long term promises to customers. So with good branding, there is no question about the viability of your brand. Even if you have been in the industry for a few years, your image will be stable.

Added Business Value

A robust branding scheme can add a lot of value to your company. If you decide to make franchises or eventually sell the business, the salability will increase significantly. Even there are problems with your brand, and you have to opt for a merger, you will have added value. It will give you a benefit over other brands and allow you to make profits instead of losses.

Competitive Edge in Markets

To differentiate yourself from your competitors, you have to have an edge. Customers will have to recognize and remember your brand without having to be promoted. With effective branding, you lend a competitive advantage to your brand and get the recognition you need. It will ultimately elevate you over other brands and establish your name in the market.

Achieve Simplicity

One of the best parts of corporate branding is the simplicity of the process. It uses a single scheme to market your brand across all platforms and divisions. Not only this, but there is a lot of time saved on the development of individual strategies. The same technique can apply to new and old products with a creative spin. Whether you have to focus on an innovative launch or are considering a revamp, you are good to go. With simplicity also comes easy access and less expense, which is always a plus for any business.

Easy Targeting and Price Points

For marketing efforts to succeed, branding is needed. The appropriate audience is what will drive sales forward for your brand. It cannot achieve through the same old plans and techniques. Unique branding ideas allow easy targeting, especially if you are industry-specific. So the geography, lifestyle, age, and gender of potential customers are just a few factors to consider. The distinction these efforts provide you will allow these target markets to reach easily. It will also give way for you to justify price points for certain products and services. When you charge what you are worth, your branding leaves no room for any questions.

Talent Attraction

When people notice your branding, it attracts broader forms of attention from a range of talents. These include social media marketers, influencers, designers, artists, and other sorts of creative people. Doing the right kind of job is what allows more people to collaborate with you and add to the powerhouse of your creative strategy.


Putting together a fantastic corporate branding scheme is essential to the growth of any business. Your representation in the online and physical market place is what sets the bar for customers to perceive you. So, to ensure that it is an accurate depiction, corporate branding gives the benefit of accuracy and simplicity. It allows you to succeed over your competitors and become a household name.

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Comprehensive Guide To Types Of Branding in 2020

Comprehensive Guide To Types Of Branding in 2020

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Top 5 Most Common Types Of Branding

Branding is a marketing practice that can be used for shaping your brand. It is incredibly essential for the growth and identification of the brand.

Importance of branding can be seen from the fact that a company gets its identity from proper branding strategies. It generates new customers and is responsible for bringing revenue to your business.

Moreover, it is also ascertained to add value to your business. Branding is also important because of the mere fact that it guarantees to create trust within the marketplace and adds value to the business.

There are various types of branding that are used for business promotion. Alongside this, by availing services from top branding companies in Dubai, you can undoubtedly win a transformation for your business.

Thus, this article will comprehensively guide you on various branding techniques that you can apply to your brand.

Top 5 Most Common Types Of Branding
Branding type

Top 5 Most Common Types Of Branding

Determining the right kind of branding for your company is crucial. Before you identify which branding design and or strategy is essential for your business, it’s good to know about the branding types.

Here are the five different types of branding that are widely used in the industries.

1. Product Branding

Product branding is a marketing strategy that focuses on differentiating a particular product from the rest. This type of branding is used when a company focuses on establishing that product as a brand.

It is mainly adopted when a company wants to promote a specific product under their brand name or wants to open up a new production line. For example, a famous cooking oil company might want to open up frozen food production. Thus, they will consider having product branding.

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2. Service Branding

This type of branding emphasizes customer service. It mainly focuses on dealing with clients and how to provide your brand’s services to customers effectively. Service branding adds mostly value to customer relationship management service.

Service brands ensure people interaction and focus on going out of the way for their customers to give them ‘extra services. This could be in the form of an international airline giving away “local cookies” as desserts or a shop offering “paper bags having seeds”.

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3. Personal Branding

This type usually refers to branding for individuals in contrary to businesses. Personal branding is specifically crucial for people who are in public eyes like celebs, politicians, or digital marketers.

Personal branding can be strengthened by using social media for individual brand building. It is the fastest and cheapest way to reach masses while growing your social media platform. This type of branding can be done by maintaining your online presence and improving content standards to engage with the audience.

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4. Cultural branding

This type is usually adapted by travel and tourism companies when they want to promote the culture, tourism, and tradition of a specific country.

Cultural branding is done keeping in mind your target market and audience of that culture. It requires cautiousness and professional assistance. As you surely wouldn’t want to offend or hurt the sentiments of your potential or current consumers!

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5. Corporate branding

Corporate branding is aimed particularly when a company is new and wants to focus on its objectives and branding goals. This is because the company wants to promote itself as a corporate identity highlighting its goals and objectives.

Final words!

Branding is essential for our brand to exist, grow and sustain. Thus, branding, which is rightly done and sensible selection of brand designs, can earn customer trust and retention and add value to the business.

So, look out for professional branding companies to minimize the risk of a bad reputation!

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