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in Entertainment is the perfect destination for all movie buffs and web series fans. It is a unique website that covers all things related to Indian cinema and covers everything from movies, shows, the latest bollywood news and celebrity gossips. The bollywood portal can not only help you catch up on the latest Bollywood news but also provides reviews of the latest movie releases from various industries around the country.

Besides providing latest bollywood updates from the world of entertainment, MissFilmy also has a huge collection of celebrity wallpapers of all the biggest stars from the entertainment industry. In fact, the website has dedicated actress photo galleries that contain specially curated and only the best wallpapers of your favourite celebrities. MissFilmy also has a special ratings and reviews section where all the latest movies and web series are broken down in detail to examine the merits and demerits. It must also be pointed out that MissFilmy’s ratings and reviews section contains the ratings provided by critics from major news portals. Besides having reviews of all the latest releases, the website also regularly adds reviews of older films and fans can check out the website to identify hidden gems that they might have missed in the past.

MissFilmy is one of the most well-known and popular portals for everything Bollywood. The website hosts movie trailers of upcoming movies, so that fans can watch all of them from a single place without having to search for different trailers on the internet. What sets this website apart is that it also has a dedicated movie release calendar that tracks movie releases and releases of web shows. With the tremendous increase in frequency of locally produced online shows on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Zee5, it can often become difficult for fans to decide what to watch and what not. This calendar helps fans keep track of the schedule of all domestic web series and movie releases from every major industry in the country. As far as movie releases are concerned, the calendar not only covers Bollywood movies but also the releases in Kannada, Tollywood, Mollywood and Pollywood industries. Furthermore, the calendar not only provides the dates of movie releases but also provides relevant information about the movie itself, including the cast, director and platform where the movie shall be released. has become a leading portal for latest Bollywood news, celebrity gossips & everything entertainment related, is definitely worth checking out.

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