What Qualifies as Medically Disabled? Common Conditions

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You are capable. You are smart. You just happen to be living with a disability.

The Social Security Administration can help you live a full and happy life. At this moment, nine million people receive Social Security disability benefits.

Disabilities can happen at any time, even to young people. After a sudden diagnosis, people have questions about whether they qualify for benefits.

Here is a quick guide to what qualifies as being medically disabled.

The Definition of Medically Disabled

Labovick.com defines a Social Security disability benefits application as two-pronged. In order to qualify you have to meet the criteria for both.

The first prong is technical. You need 40 credits to qualify for coverage. You earn one credit for each $1,410 you declare in wages, but you can only earn up to four credits every year.

An adult who is disabled before they turn 22 can qualify. One of their parents must be deceased or on benefits themselves. The Administration pays them under their parent’s earning record.

The second prong is medical. You must meet the strict definition of being medically disabled.

You cannot perform any type of work whatsoever. This inability to work has to last at least 12 months.

You will need documentation to prove your disability. Receive a full physical and psychological evaluation. Keep any and all paperwork that your physicians give you.

Be willing to describe the nature of your disability in detail. The Administration understands that this may be difficult. You can request accommodations as you apply.

Five Common Medical Conditions

The Administration organizes medical conditions that lead to impairments in twelve sublists. Many different conditions fall into these sublists. But there are five common ones that many people don’t realize count as disabilities.

Bone fractures can last for years. If your bone fragments do not heal, and you cannot move your limb for at least 12 months, you may qualify for benefits.

Inflammatory bowel disease affects millions of Americans. If your small intestine is blocked and you need multiple rounds of surgery, you may qualify. If you have anemia, an abdominal mass, or involuntary weight loss, you could also qualify.

Diabetes can lead to amputation, kidney damage, and cognitive impairments. All three of these disabilities can lead to benefits.

Depression is one of many mental illnesses that fall under the Administration’s sublists. If you have at least five major symptoms of depression, you may qualify. Your symptoms can include appetite and sleep disturbance.

HIV/AIDS can trigger a number of other medical conditions. If you have cancer as a result of HIV/AIDS, you could qualify. You can also qualify if you have been hospitalized three times in one year because of HIV/AIDS.

You Can Master Medicine

You can receive help after your disability. You need to have paid taxes into the system. You cannot be able to work.

But many common medical conditions fall under the Social Security Administration’s purview. Bone fractures, diabetes, and depression can lead to benefits. Get documentation of your condition, then apply.

Get the right facts for yourself. Follow our coverage for more information about living while medically disabled.

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