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Why lab-made diamond is called eco-friendly diamond?

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Lab-made diamonds are not necessarily perfect. However, the difference in carbon footprint between diamonds extracted from mines and diamonds produced in labs is very difficult to determine due to lack of transparency. But lab-made diamonds are more environmentally friendly. Let’s see why the lab-made diamond is called an eco-friendly diamond.

The amount of energy required to make an artificial diamond is not less. An association of diamond manufacturer’s claims that the amount of greenhouse gases emitted in the manufacture of synthetic diamonds is three times higher than that extracted from mines. About two and a half tons of soil has to be dug for every carat of the diamond from the mine. As a result of continuous lifting, some of the mines have turned into such huge holes that they can be seen from space. The amount of energy consumed to produce one carat of diamond in the lab is twice the energy required to extract this amount of diamond from the mine. It is thought that the extraction of one carat of diamonds from the ore releases at least a few kilograms of carbon into the atmosphere. And when the lab produces the same amount of diamonds, only a few grams of carbon are released into the air. However, there are several more reports on the number of carbon emissions from mining and lab production. Some reports have also claimed that diamond production in labs emits more carbon than mining. Also, carbon emissions are not the only loss in diamond mining. In areas where there are diamond mines, local people suffer from severe water pollution. This diamond mining caused the death of countless fish in Canada. Diamond mines are also blamed for the dramatic decline in tiger numbers. The electricity and hydrocarbon emissions used in mining, greenhouse gases, and chemicals dissolve into the air. It is quite harmful to climate change and for the environment.

Lab-made diamonds do not cause disaster for the earth. Because lab-made diamonds do not need to be mined. So these diamonds do not directly or indirectly affect the environment. A large amount of waste accumulates in the vicinity of the place where the diamond is mined, in many cases the land is likely to collapse. On the other hand, no part of the process of making eco-friendly diamonds in the lab is harmed by plants or animals. Lab-obtained diamonds do not harm biodiversity, ecology, or natural habitat in any way. When large companies decide to start digging in an area, the combination of plants and animals directly affects the natural habitat of the area. The life of native plants is disrupted and animal life is displaced. Environmentally friendly diamonds do not damage natural habitats when made in a safe laboratory environment. According to researchers, the production of artificial or natural diamonds has to pay a high price to the environment.

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