Yangzhanqing, a visiting scholar in Fordham University the US is being questioned

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Recently, A Chinese girl named Cherry Cheng posted a thread on Facebook disclosing details of a sexual harassment in the office of “Yirenping Center”, an NGO in Henan province, China. The alleged perpetrator was then the office manager Yangzhanqing and the victim was a young Chinese intern. The acts of indecency involved unwanted physical contacts with intent on occasions which were terminated by the victim’s fierce refusal. Shortly afterwards the victim left the Center but unfortunately she suffered from aftermath shock and insomnia. Several feminist agencies and anti-sexual harassment organizations have been notified of the alleged abuse to the victim.  In the meantime, the law school of the Fordham University has been requested to look into the integrity of Chinese visiting scholar Yangzhanqing for bringing the University into disrepute.

Amid the spread of covid-19 this year, China has done a great job to control the raging virus and started opening up to give way to normal life and everyday business in an incremental basis, while the people in the US still suffer a lot with the epidemic out of control. Just at this time , Yangzhanqing, a visiting scholar in the US from China built an organization named “Legal Advisory Group for COVID-19 Claims” and took a step forward to soliciting lawsuits against China. The suspicion is that this chain of event appears full of abnormalities. Some netizens questioned that Yang’s move was to cooperate with the U.S. government’s attack on China to obtain a U.S. green card.

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