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A Cinematic Conversation with Tikima Bowers

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Born in Walterboro, SC. To Helen Sheppard Bowers & Rodger Bowers and the eldest sibling in her family Tikima Bowers has always met the challenge of added responsibility and accountability.  Though the matriarch of the family was suffering in more ways than Tikima and her younger sisters were aware as children, but the Bowers family remained secure due to the hard work and efforts of their mother Helen who did so without complaint.  Ms. Bower’s mother instilled in all her daughters a faith in God, strengthen, empathy for the less fortunate, and love for those around them

Model/Actress Tikima Bowers

Tikima earned great success in the world of sales and marketing along with respectability in the community for years. Though she enjoyed what she did and the people serviced by her products it just wasn’t enough.  Tikima felt that she needed to challenge herself so she reached back into her childhood dreams and deiced to become a model. So that’s what she did, Ms. Bowers hit the runway in 2017 launching her modeling career.  After a few months of low scale photo shoots the photographers began to call.  Since 2017, Tikima has been in some of the most exotic photo spreads in the south eastern part of the country.

Then came acting

In 2019 Tikima Bower challenged herself yet again to be more and do more with her talents and skill set.  On a major photo shoot in Atlanta Ga. Ms. Bowers was approached by a casting agent about the role of Terry Crafy in the motion picture The Black Revenger directed by Chris Carter.  Acting came natural for Tikima and since her first movie casting her career has taken off.  In the spring of 2020 independent filmmaker Walt Diddy offered Ms. Bowers the starring of Justice in his new crime drama Justice Through Redemption that’s set for a December 2020 theatrical release.


Question & Answer – The Making of Justice Through Redemption

Q: Why did you choose to accept the role in Justice Through Redemption?

A:  It was the story and the complexity of the lead character Justice.  I knew playing her would challenge me to dig deeper into my actor’s tool kit to nail the performance.

Q: What was it like on set working with the cast and crew?

A: I found the experience refreshing in every way.  The cast was talented, cooperative, and high skilled and the crew was patient and accommodating to our needs on set. I can see myself working with these fantastic actors and crew again in the near future.

Q: How about working with the writer and director Walt Diddy? What is he like?

 A:  Different everyday in so many ways.  Walt is full of passion, energy, and creative when going about the tasks of filmmaking.  He treated us all with respect, he made the women on the cast feel secure, wanted, and accepted for whom she was and he’s just fun to be around.


Q: What stands out the most to you about the casting of Justice Through Redemption?

A:  The lack of “Colorism” in the script, the cast, and in Walt Diddy as an African American Filmmaker.  Before, after, and during the production he remind all us women of color of our beauty and how grateful he was to have us in his film.  Casting me as the starring actress says something about how he support black women of all shades and the Justice Through Redemption paints women of color in a positive light.

Q: So you think “Colorisim” is an issue in the movie industry

Q: Is there “Colorism” in casting in movies and entertainment?

A: Sure, but change happens through awareness, hard work, and talent so there’s no doubt in my mind that God placed me in this role to make a statement to all women my shade that we too are exceptional and we too are beautiful.  I’m secure with who I am as a woman and my skin tone and I want the same for all women around the world. 

Q: Why should movie goers be interested in seeing Justice Through Redemption?

A: It’s a story we all can relate to, a story of redemptions and the highs and lows of life and the movie was made by an underdog that’s worth rooting for.  It took Walt Diddy three years to finally get to make his film.  He’s casted and recast the film three times over, he’s been abandoned by an entire cast and crew in 2018 that left without a phone call and instead of taking that frustration out on others he kept his faith in God, dusted himself off mentally, and spent all of 2019 saving every dime he could to do it again in 2020 and this time he did. 

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