Roller Blinds: Stylish and Practical Solution for Your Home

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Roller blinds are gaining ever-growing popularity as such window covering can be matched with ordinary drapes or completely replace. It is a perfect choice for both home and office interiors.

Why Should You Choose Roller Blinds Dubai?

Roller blinds look good and nicely protect from the sunlight which is especially important amid the Dubai climate. Unlike traditional blinds, such window treatments do not accumulate dust, therefore they are easy to clean. Roller blinds are a sheet of fabric that is assembled into a roll. Such curtains look very stylish. Thanks to the wide selection of fabrics, colors, and patterns, you can win a unique interior at any premises — kitchen, living room, nursery, bedroom, or office.

Reasons to Opt for Roller Blinds:

  • Protect the room from the scorching sun and prying eyes.
  • Keep the premises cool.
  • BlackOut material darkens the rooms where it is especially needed.
  • Save furniture, parquet, drapes and other interior items from losing the color.
  • Defend TVs and computer monitors from glare by creating natural daylight.
  • Repel dust and do not fade in the sun.
  • Can be nicely combined with drapes and sheer curtains.

Features and Benefits of Roller Blinds in Dubai

Roller blinds are a universal solution for various premises. Such window covering has a lot of advantages:

  • Compact dimensions. When folded, roller blinds save space and are almost invisible.
  • Maximum light during the day and minimum at night. When rolled up, nothing prevents the sun rays from penetrating into the room. The choice of fabrics of different transparency will help to recreate the atmosphere of semi-darkness in the room or to achieve complete darkness when unrolling the blinds.
  • Affordable price. In the catalog of AtlantisCurtains, customers are welcome to find a wide selection of models, including inexpensive options.
  • Ease of operation. Just pull the chain to roll the curtains up or down.
  • Ease of maintenance. Due to special impregnation, dust does not accumulate on the surface. Wipe the canvas periodically to keep it clean.
  • Ease of installation. Fabric blinds can be fitted on each sash, in the window opening or above it and fixed with tape, clamps or screws.

Types of Roller Blinds

Roller blinds were invented not so long ago, but have already gained popularity among customers. The fabric is rolled into a small roll, which saves a lot of space.

Customers can buy roller blinds from a variety of materials that differ in transparency and patterns. The surface can be monochromatic, as well as have various prints and patterns. Choose products made of high-quality fabrics to guarantee durability, attractive design, and hypoallergenicity.

The catalog of AtlantisCurtains presents a wide choice of roller blinds Dubai:

  • Open — classic models, the canvas is rolled onto the shaft;
  • Jute — environmentally friendly materials are used (ideal for a nursery or bedroom);
  • Closed — when folded, the fabric is hidden behind a special box, which adds style and elegance;
  • Day-and-night — combination of opaque stripes and a light canvas allows you to control the level of lighting in the room, such models look original;
  • Bamboo curtains made of natural materials look simple and elegant.

You are welcome to order roller blinds in Dubai and the UAE by contacting the Atlantis Curtains representative — we will implement your any idea!

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