The Best Souvenirs To Buy For Your Friends and Family

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If you are looking for a unique gift for Christmas, a birthday, or a special occasion, then consider trying these personalized gift ideas that can make a difference.

Original gifts can be hard to find on the high street but there are thousands of innovative products available online. Personalizing gifts is a sure way to make a present unique and with the variety of unusual items on offer on the internet, there is no need to resort to the classic favorite of a personalized pen.

Unique Souvenirs Ideas

These personalized gift ideas bear the name or the initials of the person concerned:

  • Custom Enamel Pins: Gifting a custom enamel pin is a very unique idea. You can send a personalized gift for your beloved ones by getting it from souvenir pins suppliers.
  • Engraved handbag holder – a practical gift for women who need somewhere to hang a purse to stop it from getting dirty.
  • Vintage champagne – bearing the recipient’s name on the personalized label.
  • Sweet jar – for candy lovers, each sweet has the person’s name on the wrapper.
  • Classic book – a true classic like Alice in Wonderland or Sherlock Holmes, with names changed accordingly. Add a photo of the recipient on the front cover for an even more special gift.
  • A personalized newspaper – customize the newspaper with a headline, photographs, and lead story containing personal details of the recipient.
  • A mini-me doll – just like the replica Dr Evil in Austin Powers, this unique present can be made from a digital image and is a perfect gift for someone living far away.

Unusual Gift Ideas

These items are sure to become a talking point when hung on a wall in the living room or office:

  • Name framed picture – create totally unique artwork of someone’s name using photography to depict letters of the alphabet. Companies like NameFrames offer beautiful images of architecture and nature which can be chosen to create a person’s name.
  • Portrait from a photo – send a quality photograph to a company like PaintYourLife and have it transformed into watercolor or an oil painting. The picture can be sent in digital form and used on multiple items or printed, framed, and sent directly to the recipient.
  • Caricature – a more humorous version of a classic portrait, commission a unique caricature of a loved one for a special present.
  • Poetry gift – pre-written poems can be altered to use the person’s name or write a unique poem to express sentiments to a loved one. Enclose the poem in a crystal frame or mount it with a simple photograph for a memorable gift.

Buy Personalized Gifts Online

It’s important to order gifts on the internet well in advance for guaranteed delivery; even more so with personalized items that can take longer to make. Allow extra time for any changes to artwork in the case of portraits and caricatures.

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