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Top 5 Android App Development Trends That You Should Keep Your Eyes On

TechnologyTop 5 Android App Development Trends That You Should Keep Your Eyes On

The Android operating system gets all the attention when it comes to developing mobile apps. If you want to develop your own mobile app, then you are at the right place. This blog would help you to understand all the current trends that are available in the market.

Currently, Android is one of the most used mobile OS with a market share of almost 85%. Google stores offer all sorts of more than 3.04 million applications. Now, let’s look into some of the trends observed in rendering Android app development services.

Android instant apps.

Though instant Android apps are not very common, these apps are slowly and steadily picking up the pace. Android instant app offers software developers with Android instant apps SDK and app links assistant that enables them to create mobile solutions from the beginning or converting the existing apps into instant apps.

For example, instant apps enable users to try various games on the app without installing that app on the device. This app’s benefits are that they are compatible across all the gadgets, takes less storage, and gives a better user experience and interface. These apps are the future, and it provides the better experience without compromising the space on the cell phones. It can be useful in sectors like eCommerce and gaming. 

Navigation element.

It is a feature that would enable the user to move around in the different sections and content pieces of the app. Android jetpacks come with elements of handy navigation that can help the developers to execute the navigations. It can vary from a simple touch button to click an intricate pattern like a navigation drawer. Further, it enables a consistent and predictable user experience, as the developers who deploy them follow the mentioned navigation principles.

Blockchain technology.

This technology has been there for many years. Nonetheless, it has finally come to action. It offers the enhanced solutions of the decentralized app development that banishes any unauthorized access and pushes transparency. Its market is likely to grow at 62.73% CAGR by 2026, making $ 52.5 billion. Dapps (decentralized apps) are open-source, smart contract-based software applications that run on the blockchain’s transactions. As it runs on decentralize blockchain, its data cannot be changed or erased in it.

Such technology would allow faster payment, reliable and tamper-proof data records. With the help of such technology, an Android app developers can maintain stern security protocols. Its inclusion can be a game-changing factor in Android app development, especially in the financial segment like banks and exchanges and so forth.

Google Assistant or chatbot.

In the foreseeable future, we will witness that many business owners would be eager to integrate their app services with Google Assistant. The fundamental benefit of investing in such an integration is that it offers users faster ways of accessing the app directly. With the help of Google app actions, the users will get access to a deep-link of the app that enables them to perform certain activities inside the Google Assistant application.

In 2020, Google announced that they would launch a new feature for Google Assistant at CES. Growing businesses can hire a mobile app development company in Sweden that enables driving scheduled actions, which helps users interact with smart devices via google assistant, such as turn on and off a smart device, make tea, and so forth. This new feature will control twenty home devices, including coffee machines, lights, AC units, and so forth.

Android enterprise.

Digital transformation has become inevitable for enterprises—the Google-led initiative – known as Android enterprise helps workers utilize Android apps in their workplace. The Android enterprise program assists the developers with APIs and several other tools required to integrate support for Android into enterprise mobility management solutions.

There are other trends like beacon technology, application performance management, EMM, internet of things, motion layout, multiplatform development, and so forth.

In conclusion.

Every year we see new innovations and ideas emerging out in the market, and these trends will continue to emerge in the future. As the trends mentioned above in Android app development can help you make a better app while developing it. It is also important to keep an eye on the budget while developing the Android app.

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