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3 Simple Tech Inventions That Solve Annoying Problems at Home

Technology3 Simple Tech Inventions That Solve Annoying Problems at Home

We always hear about the groundbreaking technology that has changed the world over the years. However, while they are obviously inspiring, there are also some simple yet amazing inventions that have become effective solutions to problems around our homes.

Regularly lose your keys? Forget to water the plants? Can never enjoy your toast with properly melted butter? Well, the 3 simple tech inventions below solve each of those common problems.

Heated Butter Knives

We all love our toast to be smeared in melted butter in the mornings, but this is rarely the case. Late for work and in a rush, the butter is far too cold to melt quickly enough. We rush out the door with toasted bread containing nothing more than lumps of cold butter. In a perfect world, we would have more time to let the butter melt before spreading, but you know, we like to leave things to the last minute.

Ingenious, right? It is one of those inventions that you cannot believe had not been thought of before! Containing a rechargeable battery, these knives will cut and spread your butter exactly how you like it.

Spy Cam

Isn’t it amazing just how difficult it can be to keep track of what is happening at your home in your absence? Luckily Spy Cam has solved this issue as you can use very small-sized spy cams to record each and everything. Now, two-way audio spy cams are also available and you can use them for different purposes.

Bluetooth Trackers

Ok, so these may not be as simple tech as the others, but they solve a common real-world problem. Misplacing car keys, smartphones and wallets is enough to drive you insane when you are frantically looking for them. A Bluetooth tracker such as the XY Find It can be attached to possessions so that when lost, an app on your smartphone can ping the tracker to omit a sound.

Additionally, this particular XY Find It product has a Hot and Cold feature which allows the hard of hearing to find their items too. It uses the signal to tell you whether you are getting warmer or colder when searching. Furthermore, there is a SMS Stolen feature that helps when you are out of a Bluetooth range of your item. Once enabled, they send an SMS to your phone, which includes the exact GPS location of your item.


While the above will not go down in history as earth-shattering inventions like the internet, television, or the telephone, we certainly appreciate them. All save you time, solve a common problem at home, and are pretty simple in design. Is there anything more than you want from an ingenious invention?

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