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Top 6 Different Types of Salesman Helping Various Businesses
Marketing & Advertising

A Guide On Types of Salesman For Various Businesses

When we count the people essential for business progress and prosperity, a salesperson is one of them. These are the most important entities of any business because they make sales easier for organizations and businesses. With huge competition in the market, it becomes difficult for any business to make more customers and increase sales. A… Keep Reading

Top 4 reasons why consider timings for cold calling
Marketing & Advertising

Why Do Call Timings Matter in Cold Calling?

One of the important aspects of cold calling is the timings. Timing is the factor that decides the response of the client. If the timings are bad or inappropriate, the client will be more upset and annoyed. The sales team and authorities must know the right timings to make a call and guide their sales… Keep Reading

Instagram Video: All You Need To Know

Instagram Video: All You Need To Know

With the increase in popularity of mobile applications, Instagram Video has emerged as a hot favorite among people. This application helps you to record and save your day-to-day activities.  It is quite easy to use and helps you in making a video of yourself, friends, family, or any special occasion, to upload it on the… Keep Reading

Internet/Marketing & Advertising

What to Expect from Web 4.0?

Perhaps one of the most discussed terms and published in recent times is digital marketing. I’m sure you have heard a lot about this matter. Despite being very even commented few people understand its scope and the main implementation strategies. And the same is true of the idea of ​​Web 4.0. Have you read about… Keep Reading


Industry Leader Launches SEO & Digital Marketing Agency

Big-brand veteran brings successful strategies to small and mid-sized companies. San Diego, California, February 9, 2020: Rank Harvest, LLC, officially launched as San Diego’s premier search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing agency bringing a legacy of big-brand strategies to businesses of all sizes.  Owner and Principal SEO Architect Michael Chagala brings nearly 20 years’… Keep Reading


Celebrity Photographer Jonathan Matsumoto on Transition to Influencer Management

            “Influencer” is a word that’s everywhere in 2019, but what exactly constitutes an influencer? What makes one person an influencer but another one not? Jonathan Matsumoto, known online as Jonny Mats, is a celebrity photographer who has now moved into business development for influencers, managing their brand partnerships and marketing strategy. In his words,… Keep Reading

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