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Aspect Ratio in Filmmaking

All You Need To Know About Aspect Ratio in Filmmaking

Aspect Ratio in Filmmaking – Filmmaking is not just all about purpose, concept, creation, production, and direction. There are numerous other technical details and matters involved in the process that are unknown to the general public or viewers. However, the audience often rates the presentation on the basis of these elements in lay terms. In… Keep Reading

Surprising Facts About Instagram

Surprising Facts About Instagram You need To Know

What started as a simple photo uploading platform has morphed into a full-fledged entertainment site. Forget photos today; users primarily consume audio-visual content – from 15-second reels to 1-hour live streams. It is the spontaneity of the app and the ultimate entertainment experience that has an enormous pull on Instagram users and repeatedly seduces… Keep Reading

video content idea

Video Content Ideas to Make a Difference in 2022

The fastest and most effective way to make a difference in this modern era is by utilizing video content. Due to the advancement in the digital world and the popularity of social media, video content has become quite popular too. It is used for the purpose of entertainment, information, business, and most importantly, to change… Keep Reading


Visit today for everything in Bollywood is the perfect destination for all movie buffs and web series fans. It is a unique website that covers all things related to Indian cinema and covers everything from movies, shows, the latest bollywood news and celebrity gossips. The bollywood portal can not only help you catch up on the latest Bollywood news but… Keep Reading

Project Free TV Alternatives

What are the Best Alternatives to Project Free TV?

Project Free TV quickly became an internet phenomenon when it first came out in 2015. People loved it because it was free, easy to use, and had a massive library of HD movies and TV shows.  It was so good that it quickly caught the eye of the original content creators who had this website… Keep Reading

social media

The Pros and Cons of Social Networking for Artists

These days, artists are expected to constantly be working to promote themselves. Social networking offers benefits but is also full of artistic drawbacks. Social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others, offer artists a range of ways to make connections with a wider circle of acquaintances and promote one’s artistic performances, events, concerts,… Keep Reading

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