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Documents for making a claim in construction
Legal/Real Estate

What Documents Do You Need to Make a Construction Claim?

Most of the construction projects often end-up in disputes among the parties involved. Since construction is a complex project, it can’t just be finalized on handshakes. Legal documentation, signed by all the parties, is necessary to make the project legalized. Documentation is also required if a construction project goes to the extent of making claims.… Keep Reading

VAT For Sole Establishments For UAE
Business/Finance/Real Estate

VAT For Sole Establishments For UAE

The imposition of Value Added Tax (VAT) is not new in the UAE as many organizations are already complying with it. However, many owners of sole establishments and individually owned companies look for proper guidelines for eliminating the risks. For this purpose, it is essential to comply with the guidelines provided by the Federal Tax… Keep Reading

Upgrade Construction Equipment Occasionally
Real Estate

Why Should You Upgrade Construction Equipment Occasionally?

Gone are the times when the labor force had to perform all the complex construction tasks only by relying on the power of their hands. The twenty-first century is proof of revolutionary development in the field of construction. The manufacturing of heavy construction equipment has definitely played a key role in this regard. It will… Keep Reading

How To Manage A Construction Project - A Step By Step
Home Improvement/Real Estate

How To Manage A Construction Project Step By Step Guide

The construction industry is diverse in nature. The industry requires a comprehensive understanding of the key concepts along with technical experience to ensure foolproof working. Besides this, you need to have the know-how of managing construction projects effectively for success. In this regard, the construction project managers’ role is critical as they have to deal… Keep Reading

Signs Indicating Claim Warnings In Construction Projects
Legal/Real Estate

Early Signs Indicating Claim Warnings In Construction Projects

Over the years, construction projects have become intricate as requirements are changing gradually. It has given rise to disputes because the contracting parties have to show greater integrity towards the needs. There is no denying negligence of even minute level can change the whole scenario that you surely don’t want it. If you are dealing… Keep Reading

Technology is Changing the Real Estate Industry
Real Estate/Technology

5 Ways Technology is Changing the Real Estate Industry

Due to rapid technology changes and the incorporation of new things brings innovation in almost every industry. Similarly, such things impact the real estate industry as well. Undoubtedly, the property market is a huge and growing market for a long time that continues its progress. The use of technology impacts the good and bad over almost every… Keep Reading

Contractual Claims in Construction
Legal/Real Estate

Contractual Claims in Construction: A Complete Guide

The success of construction projects depends on mutual trust and credibility. However, paperwork is necessary for accomplishing all the tasks and activities to ensure well-tracked progress. For this purpose, a contract is a document that contains all essential roles and responsibilities for the project owners, contractors, and sub-contractors. However, the contractual claims are a significant… Keep Reading

Top 5 Issues that Lead to Change Orders and Best Practices to deal with Construction Change Order
Real Estate

Top 5 Common Issues that Lead to Change Orders – How to Manage Them

A change order is an official request from the contractor for additional funding and time to complete the contractual obligations that have been revised on the owner’s request. If left unaccounted for, these change orders cause project delays and contractual issues leading to expensive disputes and litigation.  However, change order is not something to be… Keep Reading

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