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5 Ways Technology is Changing the Real Estate Industry

Real Estate5 Ways Technology is Changing the Real Estate Industry

Due to rapid technology changes and the incorporation of new things brings innovation in almost every industry. Similarly, such things impact the real estate industry as well. Undoubtedly, the property market is a huge and growing market for a long time that continues its progress. The use of technology impacts the good and bad over almost every field. So, it influences the construction, property, customer’s behaviors, and dealer’s perceptions.

As per the Research Prospect, there are multiple ways through which technology is changing the real estate industry:   

  • Online selling & purchasing

There is a significant potential over the internet, and people are shifting their buying trends. The online availability of the property information, dealer’s availability, and multiple application and website helps the buyers to know the real estate even better. It is easier to find the price, location, dimension, and view the projects online before visiting the property. The real estate agencies can even better develop the portfolio and communicate with the potential buyers directly.

  • Digital marketing

The use of digital sources for marketing and advertisement is getting higher. In old times the sources to advertise are broachers, pamphlets, or broadcast mediums. But now technology changes the ways and incorporates social media, digital print media, and multiple other things to target potential customers directly. There are multiple online marketing platforms available that provide complete insight into the customers, buying trends, customer analysis, help to study market dynamics, and much more. It helps to raise the profit ratio and mature the customer with a property deal.  

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  • Eco-friendly construction

The increase in technology understating and innovation improve the construction as well. People are more engaging to adopt the eco-friendly construction mediums that help to achieve market sustainability. The use of less carbon imprint resources and efficient energy mediums are getting higher in the industry. No doubt the real estate is an important sector that contributes a huge portion in the economy. With the technology incorporation, the profitability and revenue from the real estate sector rise.    

  • Application for real estate management

The dealers and construction companies start using online applications to promote and provide the facility to customers. Such software helps to provide information about the property and manages the portfolio of customers and records. Even the software is design to manage the transactions, customer dealing, and multiple other activities that make things more precise than ever.   

  • Easy transactions

The use of technology makes the transaction and funds transfer easier than conventional ways. Customers can transfer the money online from the bank accounts and receive the payment easily. it reduces the effects of cash handling and risk that involve in dealing with the payments with cash. Moreover, it helps to calculate taxation, charges, and other calculation easier. By using the software or technology, the risk factor in the payment automatically reduces.

  • Mobile Apps and Websites that Boost Real Estate Business

There are many websites and apps where the dealers and the place owners publish ads of his/her property online and give all details about the property. Then people see the ads and contact the dealer or owner.

A 2017 survey by the National Association of Realtors® reported 51% of buyers found their homes on the web, 30% found homes through an agent, and a dwindling 7% discovered their eventual home through a yard sign or party. This could tell you one thing: if you were selling a house in 2018, you don’t just get to get on the web; you would like to get on the proper real estate websites. So, exactly what are those websites? I’m so glad you asked because I’ve got an inventory of favorites below.

Zillow, Realtor, Redfin, Trulia, MLS, CENTURY 21 Real Estate, RE/MAX, Coldwell Banker Realtors, HomeFinder, Craigslist, Facebook, homes.com, propertyrecord.com, Movato, Open Listing, and more.

  • Role of VR technology in Real estate

We saw many times in different movies, a virtual reality tour of the building. So, it’s possible now people can see all the things in VR with 360 views and saves time and money. They don’t need to visit physically in that place. It’s a fast and effective way and increases sales 500% last year; according to Researchers who use different research methodology to collect stats, 70% of buyers want to see a live preview before visiting the site. So, It’s a very effective way for all real estate industry.


As we know, people’s daily life changes with technology trends and their effects on businesses. Now everyone wants to see his business online and save time, money, and efforts. In the real estate industry, technology plays a leading role in business growth. An online advertisement, VR technology, and business listing for public help are pretty good and help people connect easily, business-like B2B and B2C are all taking advantage of technology.

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