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How Luxury Apartments are Opening Doors to Pets

Real EstateHow Luxury Apartments are Opening Doors to Pets

Pets are a huge part of the family. In fact, some families have three generations living under one roof. Pets can be a blessing for many people who live alone and want to feel connected to someone or something. Let’s take a look at how luxury apartments are opening doors for pets in this blog post.

Enough space for your pet

Luxury apartments are now providing enough space for your furry friends. In the past, apartments were not pet-friendly because they didn’t have designated areas for pets to walk or play. To have sufficient space means that the luxury apartment community now has designated dog parks, walking trails, and even indoor play areas. In a small apartment, your dog might feel like he/she is always in your way and can get bored. Luxury apartments know these, and that is why they provide huge areas for pets to roam around.

Fitness center on property

What is the easiest way to exercise your dog? Take your dog to the park for a walk, of course. Of course, you can do this in your luxury apartment also. Many communities now have fitness centers on the property so that pet owners who want to exercise their dogs don’t need to leave the community during his or her workout time. They can take them out and let them roam around while getting some fresh air and exercise.

A community that accepts you

Many luxury apartment communities like the arch Bloomington apartments now welcome pets because they know that pet owners want a place to live that also accepts their furry friends. This is especially important for people who have service animals or emotional support animals. It’s hard enough to find an apartment that will accept your pet, but when you find one with all the amenities of luxury living, it makes life much easier.

Self-service pet washing stations

Another great perk for luxury apartments is self-service pet washing facilities. These amenities allow residents to wash their dogs in the comfort of their own homes instead of having to take them out somewhere else, all shaggy and wet. Your pet is going to enjoy this perk as much as you will. You can find this amenity in some luxury apartments that are pet-friendly. This washing station will have items like shampoo, brushes, and combs.

Pet holding areas

In case you travel a lot and leave your pet behind, many luxury apartments have a designated area for pets to stay while their owners are away. This helps to ensure that your pet is not in any type of danger or distress while you’re gone. These areas usually come with some amenities like food and water so your pet can be as comfortable as possible until you return. Your dog can even enjoy a walk if it’s something that the apartment concierge for dogs offers.

Dining areas that welcome pets

Believe it or not, some luxury apartments are even starting to have pet-friendly dining areas. This is a great way for residents to get to know one another and their furry friends while enjoying a meal. It’s also a great place for your pet to socialize with other animals. Your pet can maneuver easily under the table or sit on your lap while you eat.

On-site pet playground

If you enjoy bringing your pet to the dog park, many luxury apartments will provide a designated playground on their premises. This is great for dogs who need time to get rid of excess energy or puppies that are still learning how to socialize with other animals and people.


So that you don’t have issues with your neighbors ensure that the agreement states that the apartment allows pets to avoid any problems. Sometimes people do not like dogs or cats and can be vocal about it, which will lead to tension in the building.

The bottom line is that luxury apartments are opening their doors to pets, and this trend will continue in the future. From designated areas for walking and playing to self-service pet washing stations and concierge pet services, your pet will feel right at home. And, best of all, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that they’re being well taken care of.

Author – Leo Tolstoy

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