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4 Little Tricks to Achieve the Best Results in Diamond Drilling

Real Estate4 Little Tricks to Achieve the Best Results in Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling is not a very tricky business. It has a few basic rules that are to be adhered to, and usually, an individual is good to go. Different factors have been identified that affect the rates at which the drilling affects the bits and how they can be modified to increase the efficiency of the process. Best results are often obtained by tweaking a few little things in the diamond drilling process and mechanisms. Various jobs require different drilling techniques and combinations of drill speed, drill pressure, and lubrication. Let us discuss a few tips that can help improve the performance of the diamond drill.

#1 Invest in high-quality equipment

Choosing a high-quality drill can significantly improve the results in all the jobs that you perform. Investing in good equipment is the number one tip or advice one will receive from any and every expert in the business. Do not compromise on this aspect as it will spiral into a bad track with poor results and a high probability of errors with a mediocre diamond drill. Cutting costs by buying comparatively cheaper drill rods or cor bits will lead to frequent replacement of the bits, and the cost will be equally expensive. The drill rods of low-quality equipment may break prematurely and waste time as well as other resources in the middle of the drilling project.

#2 Learn troubleshooting techniques

The previous line provides a brilliant segue into which the operators should be adept at troubleshooting when on the job. Diamond drilling needs to be implemented with modifications according to the material being worked upon. Several problems can arise on the site. One should be aware of the problem, its cause, and some kind of a remedy to fix it as soon as possible. Some common problems that can occur are excessive segment wear, barrel cracking, segment or barrel cracking, or the drill not operating at all. These can have different causes like the material is too hard, too much pressure is being applied by the operator, or the RPM is not coherent with the diameter of the drill bit. These can be remedied easily if the operators are equipped with proper knowledge and training beforehand, and the drill manual is referred to before use.

#3 Use appropriate additives

Using drilling fluid additives while performing diamond drilling can significantly reduce operational costs and enhance the performance in a myriad of ways, like reducing the likelihood of stalled drilling operations. The additives aid in lubricating the equipment, which in turn prolongs the lifespan as there are less wear and tear and limits rust on rods. Additives can also come in handy while dealing with problematic holes that are collapsing, are dry, or are abrasive and sandy. Additives can also ensure that the drill mid has the required viscosity to easily carry and flush rock cuttings from the borehole and prevent them from setting at the bottom of the hole. The main use of this trick is to prevent friction and wear to the equipment, providing greater results in the long run.

#4 Execute timely maintenance

The drill bits are subjected to a lot of variants like rotational speed, weight on the bit, penetration rate, and water flow. The user has to conduct regular maintenance sessions to ensure that the diamond drilling equipment is cleaned, sharpened, and used appropriately for long shelf life. Sharpening or stripping is the process of conditioning the bit to regain or enhance the penetration rate. Try maintaining the drill and bits every once in a while, for efficient functioning.

Wrapping up

Provide adequate training to the operators and update the equipment with the latest technology as and when possible. Try out the tricks mentioned above for obtaining near-perfect results while performing diamond drilling. These can surely aid in improving the performance of the diamond drill bit.

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