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What Documents Do You Need to Make a Construction Claim?

LegalWhat Documents Do You Need to Make a Construction Claim?

Most of the construction projects often end-up in disputes among the parties involved. Since construction is a complex project, it can’t just be finalized on handshakes. Legal documentation, signed by all the parties, is necessary to make the project legalized. Documentation is also required if a construction project goes to the extent of making claims. Since there are uncertainties, every party should care for every aspect. All the involved parties must keep a record of the necessary documents related to the contract. This article will explain the required documents from a project owner’s perspective. If you are running a construction project, you need to read this article to know important documentation.

What causes construction disputes?

Project delays could be caused by either owner’s side or the contractor’s side. Both the parties need to have solid proof for the claim since both have the right to claims. Project delay from the owner’s side is often caused due to:

  • Failure to pay project financing
  • Reduced construction site visits
  • Too many changes in the current project design
  • Zero to minimum coordination with contractors

Contractors also cause project delays in so many ways. Following are the points where the contractor causes the delay:

  • Poor analysis of construction site
  • Poor analysis of the construction design and maps
  • Failure to provide sufficient material
  • Inefficient workers and secondary contractors

Construction contract documents are vital for an ambiguous situation where the delay causer is hard to spot. The documentation will greatly help the construction claims consultants to analyze the situation.

Role of construction claim consultants:

Who can make a claim? Why makes a claim?  Do you have the required documents to make a claim? All these questions are answered by construction claims consultants UAE. The role of these consultants is matchless since they are the ones who will solve the dispute. Their analysis and decisions are greatly respected by all the parties involved in the project. Before passing any judgment, they deeply analyze all facts and figures. After a thorough assessment of the facts, they make a decision. Construction owners hire these consultants to avoid any mishaps in the project. They keep the dispute-causing things away from the site, ensuring safe and sound project completion.

Documents for making a claim:

Following is the detail of documents required for claiming the other party. These documents must be legally prepared and signed by the respected authorities. Any illegality may cause serious consequences.

1. Claim notice:

A claim notice is a legal document that is acceptable in court. The project owner should have this document to claim against the contractor. Having a claim notice enables the legal claim for anyone at any stage. The first and foremost important document for the claim process is to have a legal claim notice in hand.

2. Time Ticket:

A time ticket is an essential document required for making a claim. This ticket tells the deciding party about how many hours the contractor and his team worked. Putting it simply, the time ticket is a record of working hours. This ticket must be legal and signed by the respective supervising authority. The legality of this document is a must since it can be used for court actions.

3. Invoices and records:

Invoices and records of numerous purchases and sales must be presented at the time of claim. These documents can act as proof of the many transactions that happened throughout the construction project. Keeping a fair and complete record of all the invoices from day one is essential. The project owner might miss the details, but an expert consultant will ensure all these records are kept safe.

4. Meeting minutes:

The project owner should keep a record of all the meeting minutes as proof. At the time when a dispute happens, these minutes could be presented in case anyone denies anything. The project owner usually doesn’t pay attention to such minor things. The construction claims consultants guide the owner about these days to avoid any future mishaps.

5. Financial records:

A detailed record of financial records must be presented at a claiming time. These records might be financial statements, financial and other transactional records. A fair record of financial documents can strengthen your claim when it is judged legally. If you have no idea about what kind of financial documents are required, ask your consultant. They can help you in this regard.

6. Inspection reports:

Inspection records, along with progress reports, must be presented. The project owner must have conducted some inspectional activities on site. A record of these activities can help them at the time of making a claim.

Why access a construction consultant when making a claim?

Project owners never want to enter a dispute during a construction project. But once the dispute occurs, they need to consult experts to put an end to the dispute. Expert construction consultants’ services will enable the project owners to go through the process using safety measures.                                 

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