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Top 4 Non-Excusable Causes of Delays in Construction Projects

BusinessTop 4 Non-Excusable Causes of Delays in Construction Projects

The construction is a broad industry that comprised of various procedures, products, resources, facilities, and infrastructure. It is safe to say that the construction sector is an amalgamation of various other industries, including architecture, engineering, production, material supply, human resource, so forth, and so more!

Surely, it is the reason that the construction industry is the backbone of the economy. Particularly, the progress in the UAE solely depends on rigorous construction projects and related activities. However, with the increase in the opportunities, there is always a growth of the risks – this is so true about building projects.

The article is all about the risks associated with non-excusable causes of construction delays. So, better stay aware than dealing with disputes!

What is a non-excusable delay?

The causes of delays can be excusable and non-excusable. Although both types of causes hinder the process of construction, non-excusable delays are considered more critical.

The term non-excusable causes of delays are referred to a postponement, hindrance, or disruption in the project caused by the construction contractor. In this way, the contractors are responsible for paying the damages and no extension of time delay is allowed.

However, there are many factors that can significantly impact the construction projects leading to a delay or disruption. Consequently, the contracting parties may end up in disputes. So, the contractors better stay pro-active by getting the experience construction claims consultants Dubai to their side for dealing with the uncertainties.

Identification of non-excusable causes of delays in construction projects

Nevertheless, non-excusable delays can occur at any stage of the project.  Any slight negligence by the contractor can cause havoc on the part of the project. So, it is better to stay vigilant about the signs and symptoms that lead to such delays.

Here are given the main causes of delays that are non-excusable to help the contractors stay away from potential mistakes:

1. Not selecting competent subcontractors

The role of subcontractors is critical when it comes to the successful completion of the construction projects. The primary contractors are responsible for scrutinizing and selecting the subcontractors to perform a number of tasks and responsibilities in the project completion.

In a case that the subcontractors are not experienced in dealing with the requirements of the projects, a delay is certain. So, the best way to avoid the probability of delay is to select the most competent subcontractors!

2. Poor project change management

Project management in construction is one of the most crucial activities that help in completing the project within the due time frame. The process of management comprised of everything from the planning to the execution of the construction process, including the management of changes.

However, if the contractor is unable to manage the change order in the construction process, then he/she must be ready to face the delay.  

3. Lack of recording for lessons learned

Construction projects are full of innovative learning because every project is different from the previous one. Additionally, the success or failure of one process may help the contractors to get some wisdom about the avoidance techniques for the next process.

However, if the contractor is unable to record the lesson learned from the previous process, he or she might not be able to cope with the challenging of construction in the later stages. It ultimately results in non-excusable delays.

4. Conflicts among the owners and contractors

Last but not least, a major reason for non-excusable delays is the dispute between the contractors and owners over the distribution of time schedules and other resources. Every individual is different, and so the working techniques are also unique, but it can cause issues in the construction.

Sometimes, trust deficit and lack of effective communication cause disputes and conflicts among the owners and contractors. It is a potential cause that hinders construction. In such a situation, it is suggested to get construction claims services to resolves disputes peacefully.

A final thought on non-excusable causes of delay

Summing up, non-excusable delays are considered highly dangerous because the contractors cannot apply for the time of extension in the projects. Therefore, it is essential to learn all the possible risks associated with the projects to identify and avoid such causes for successful construction project completion.

Don’t forget to build a trustworthy relationship with the project owners to stay on the same page of confidence in case if anything goes wrong with the project!

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