Stop Losing Instagram Followers And Gain Them Instead

How To Stop Losing Instagram Followers And Gain Them Instead

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It is one of the worst moments when you are losing your retained Instagram followers without any reason. It is even worst when you are not aware of the reason behind it.

Every popular Instagram account must have spent a couple of months in creating and crafting engaging content and amazing their audience to gain popularity and grow their fan following. Replying to each and every comment of your posts on Instagram is the toughest and time-consuming act. What if you see your Instagram followers dropping day by day instead of growing? Yes! It’s painstaking when you do everything to keep them retained. You must be thinking why this is happening to me. You’ve landed at the right place to figure out the facts.

This frustration may make you think. 

  1. My competitors are growing day by day while I am losing what I had.
  2. I should quit and go back to my 9-5 day job.
  3. Nothing good is going to happen. Followers are not going to follow again.

Don’t you worry, here you will find some possible reasons behind and ways to keep your Instagram followers loving you and grow even grow free Instagram followers. Nothing is impossible if you go with the right strategy. The following might be some possible reasons:

01). Content is not amazing your audience

You may be struggling and generating great content by working a couple of hours. But it may not be as resonating as you think. It is possible that the content just seems amazing for you but not for your audience. Content is king. It decides your career in digital marketing.

There might be another reason related to content. Changing the content strategy may take some time to benefit you and bring you to new heights. But this may cause in loss of your previous followers. The followers who like your old content may not be satisfied with your new content strategy. Therefore, they simply chose to unfollow you.

The solution to this major cause is that you should start asking your audience and get them involved in the process of generating content. Ask them for suggestions regarding your content. Create polls and let your fans decide what kind of content they want from you so they may keep promoting you.

02. You got bot or fake followers

You must have probably seen irrelevant comments or bad comments on your posts that are baseless and not even slightly related to your post. Actually, these are not real accounts. They are actually bots or fake followers that are spamming around Instagram.

It happens if you purchase followers from a fake or low-quality service provider. There are some businesses that are selling fake followers or bots. Before you buy Instagram followers UK, do some research, and verify the authenticity of those service providers. Read customer reviews, explore their website, their terms, and conditions.

03. People following the follow/unfollow strategy

Following the people on Instagram and asking them to follow you back is the most famous strategy that is used nowadays to increase one’s followers. It is not that bad, but people are using this strategy in a spammy way.

They first follow you and wait for 2-3 weeks for you to follow them. If you don’t follow them, they simply unfollow and go their way in search of other accounts. When you see your followers dropping down, it’s one of the prominent reasons for decreasing followers.

The simple and the only way to get rid of this is that you must follow back your followers. Try to follow them all who follow you as soon as possible. So they may get noticed that you’ve followed them back.

04. Using “Black Hat” Methods 

In the list of legal and allowed methods of Instagram marketing, there are also some black hat ways to do that in less time and boost your account. These ways may help you for a while or temporarily. But the use of these methods will ruin your grown account by Instagram.

Just like black hat SEO techniques carry penalty from Google and drop down your ranking and traffic. It doesn’t matter how grown your website is. In the same way, the Instagram algorithm affects an account which is using black hat techniques. Always keep your account away from black hat techniques and keep your account protected.

05. Your captions may be boring

Captions play a vital role in making your visuals interesting. Boring captions on master class content may ruin the class of content.

Always conduct proper research while choosing the captions. Catchy captions can even make your boring content interesting. They are very important.

06. Posting Schedule Problems

The right posts at the right time are the golden key to success on any social media platform, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. It may be possible that you’re posting on a time schedule while your followers are not active.

Find out the active schedule of your following. Post content on the best schedules according to the schedule of your region and your audience being active.

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