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Using Instagram Checkout To Boost Your Brand And Reach A Larger Audience

BusinessUsing Instagram Checkout To Boost Your Brand And Reach A Larger Audience

Recently, Instagram ( IG) publicly announced the much-awaited beta for Instagram checkout in collusion with select eCommerce mediums like BigCommerce. Resultantly, IG opened the concerned checkout experience to a range of handpicked brands, which allows retailers and marketers to test the process and pass immediate feedback prior to the bigger release. This means you should immediately buy Instagram followers, reach a bigger audience, and sell your products directly on Instagram.

  • Instagram checkout is the next step to enhance the IG shopping experience. It’s just the latest cap in the long stride of scintillating features that boost engagement between brands and customers.
  • It’s another shopping tool that enables Instagrammers to directly checkout within the app. 
  • IG always had discovery experience from the start. Resultantly, you have a throng of people exploring and finding new things from companies they love. 
  • Today, the platform reports that it has over 130 million users tapping to watch and reveal product links/tags in shopping posts every month.
  • It creates a huge opportunity for connecting with customers. Now, with a checkout introduction, you can do much more than just meeting the customers there. 
  • You can provide a convenient, simple, and seamless path to buy.
  • Instagram also ensured complete security for the platform. It securely saves customers’ payment details/credentials within the app, making transactions in the future even easier and more convenient. 
  • Since its advent, the app has become a viable shopping destination for millions of users.

Comparison with other e-commerce mediums

So, why would a competing and burgeoning online brand choose IG for their ecommerce store over others? You know that at the moment, IG can’t compete with other running e-commerce mediums like Shopify, which integrates heavy analytics, seamless campaign management, and generation of discount codes.

  • However, IG checkout’s big plus is that most brands are already posting a range of product images on the channel.
  • You don’t need to do much to tag a product, manage the collection, and set a price through IG. 
  • It’s great for early-stage online brands. Young retailers trying to establish their online setup, but without substantial revenue to build a custom shopping portal/cart or pay for a detailed solution can sell sooner through IG with a pre-built and strong checkout feature.
  • E-commerce aspirants and newbies can gain a lot. They have minimal barriers and don’t need to ponder on technical intricacies to get things online and sell their products.
  • Brands with limited products can find many things from checkout. It’s a boon for them as you can link to your goods when you post. However, if your catalog is large, it becomes difficult to showcase everything you’ve as Stories keep disappearing, and the medium pushes posts down the feed.
  • Established IG-first retailers are set to gain a lot from checkout. They can get a massive upgrade.
  • Brands with huge social traffic can leverage a greater conversion rate by using and simplifying the concerned checkout process. You can also get traffic through blastup.

The functional process

The user will enter payment details just once and then start making purchases. You don’t need to leave the app. It could be a massive development for IG and people advertising on the app because users no longer need to leave the site to hit a separate website.

  • As a user, when you use checkout for the first time, you just need to follow some simple steps.
  • Tap the product you want to purchase. Select its color and size. Click the checkout on the Instagram button.
  • Next, enter your payment details and click Place Order. After this, you’ll receive notification from IG when the brand ships the product.
  • You will receive another notification when the product is delivered.
  • You can complete the entire procedure without leaving the IG app for even once. It creates an all-in-one, robust social media buying experience.
  • Instead of transporting users to another landing page, checkout shortens the buying process. 
  • The picture that lures customers to click the button becomes the landing page. 

Scaling up your business

The newly launched checkout can indeed do wonders for your e-commerce business. It helps you explore newer pathways. Instagram undoubtedly is home to countless shoppers each month. Bringing in easier and smoother checkout options, it attracts more audiences. Resultantly, it translates more orders and purchases that are directly proportional to ROI.

  • The platform also persuades buyers. Studies suggest around 74% of shoppers taking purchasing decisions with social media’s help. Besides, with Instagram checkout, you can make easy purchases sans giving a second thought. 
  • You can shorten the checkout step for your consumers/customers. You no longer need to redirect your customers to off-app or offsite to proceed with purchases/payments.
  • Experts predict that checkout could well be the game-changer in the retail world.
  • The app brings major transformations and changes as it addresses the pain points of users, such as speed, security, and convenience.
  • Checkout admirably reduces problems in every aspect. 
  • To start this mechanism and join the IG e-commerce bandwagon, you just need to integrate, automate, and sync your social media store with IG and experience a viable selling option on the internet.

The big shopping thrust

With Checkout, Instagram has taken the next leap to emerge as a full-fledged and viable commerce business. Checkout enables you to store your payment credentials with the platform, ensuring quicker purchases. In return, IG is charging brands a selling fee. This business setup is very healthy and robust as you pay to get the services.

  • Scores of brands, leading and new, are signing up for the feature. Products eligible for the vibrant in-app checkout feature have a Checkout on the IG button. The blue button is for everyone to see.
  • As you tap it, it will ask you to provide your mailing address where the seller can read and complete your concerned order.
  • After reviewing your product and address details, you proceed to place your order.
  • Earlier, completing an IG purchase required you to use a pop-up website view on the brand’s site, which propelled users to abandon their carts in agony and frustration.
  • With checkout, Instagram allows you to complete your purchases within the concerned app.
  • It will inspire you to shop more and boost the retailer business. 

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