Top 4 reasons why consider timings for cold calling

Why Do Call Timings Matter in Cold Calling?

One of the important aspects of cold calling is the timings. Timing is the factor that decides the response of the client. If the timings are bad or inappropriate, the client will be more upset and annoyed.

The sales team and authorities must know the right timings to make a call and guide their sales agent about its importance. Most salespeople do not consider timing factors and wonder why they fail to get a positive response from the people they call.

This article is all about the importance of timings in cold calling and the best timings and situations to contact your clients.

Top 4 reasons why consider timings for cold calling

Like any other field, cold calls are also dependent on the timings and their management. The sales team usually develops a time frame, and they act on the plan they finalize. This plan contains the time they will call the prospect, suitable timings, and re-contacting the least interested people.

The following paragraphs are a detailed description of why consider timings for cold calls.

1. Responses are time-dependent

The response rates from the prospect are dependent on the time you make a call to them. If the timings are not appropriate, the calling agent will get a poor response, and if the calling times are reasonable, the prospect’s response will be positive. Look for the availability of the clients, not the sales agent. Successful cold calling companies usually develop strategies on timings to target the clients of a specific region.

2. Right timings increase sales

One of the basic rules for increasing sales is to make the sales call right on time. Businesses that do not follow any time schedules are less likely to increase their sales. Identifying the time in which the demand for a product among the customers is very important. Calling the customer when they want something is the best way to increase your sales.

3. Handling more prospects become easier

Setting schedules and timings to call each client leaves much space for the call agents to contact more clients in a specified time. Mismanagement is timings result in mismanagement in handling the clients. Develop time schedules to deal with each client.  Another benefit of setting time schedules for each client is that the sales manager can track the sales agent’s performance whether or not they are contacting all the clients.

4. Follow-ups are time-dependent

The sales agent must consider timings and be punctual. In cold calling, the client does not agree to make the sales right after the first call. They give the sales agent time to contact them again to get further details. When the sales agent does not care for time management, they fail to follow up with the people they previously called. By the time they remember taking a follow-up, the client has already moved to an alternative.

Best timing to make a cold call

Not every time is suitable for contacting your clients and asking them if they want to purchase your product or not. There are some convenient timings that experts suggest to make calls because these timings tend to increase sales, and clients are more likely to inquire and buy the product.

The following points will discuss the suitable timings to contact and call your customers for a better and positive response.

a). Non-office timings

Non-official timings are the best to make a cold call. Usually, people are too busy doing their daily tasks, due to which they do not get enough time to attend any call. If the sales agent calls the client during the office timings, they will show less interest in the call and probably hang up the call.

b). A day before the weekend

Call the clients in the mid of the weekend because they will be busy developing plans for their whole week in the early days, and in the last days, they will be preparing for the weekend. The days in the middle are the best days to contact your clients. They will have relaxed and calm minds, which increases the chances of them listening to you.

c). When festivals and celebrations are near

Festivities and celebrations are the days that every person waits for; most outsourced cold calls providers increase their calls in the days near these celebrations. People are more likely to purchase gifts and items for their loved ones these days, and calling your clients in such situations will increase the sales rates.

Choose the right time and right person to make a sales call

Success in increasing sales is impossible if your business is not following a strategy and plan. In your sales plan, you must decide the right timings and situations to contact your clients and who will be responsible for making the call. Make sure your strategies are effective ones, and the people working on the agenda are experts in the jobs they perform.





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