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WhatsMySERP – An Easy Way Towards SEO Optimization

InternetWhatsMySERP – An Easy Way Towards SEO Optimization

If you are a regular content creator, you would know how important it is to optimize the content to shine over the internet. There are several tools available in the market that allow you to get a higher SEO ranking. 

Despite there being multiple tool options, not every tool seems to be delivering an accurate result. Find the right one that helps you in achieving accuracy and can be trusted for its result can be a herculean task. That is precisely why you shouldn’t waste time looking for anything else but choose the WhatsMySERP SEO tool for your future optimization needs. 

Here is a detailed review of why WhatsMySERP is the perfect choice for you. 

What is WhatsMySERP?

WhatsMySERP is an online SEO tool that has been known to be delivering accurate results for a very long time. This tool is free of cost and allows the user to gauge their SEO rankings with extreme accuracy. The keyword tracker on this tool allows you to monitor the rankings on your website. 

One knows how important it is for a website to have a higher SEO ranking. This tool offers users many features that can help them improve the SEO ranking of their website content. This is an amazing tool that allows you to achieve your SEO goals without much of a hassle. 

WhatsMySERP – features 

There are so many advantages that come with using an SEO tool like WhatsMySERP. One that makes a tool popular is its ease of use. WhatsMySEPR is quite a user-friendly SEO tool that allows you to work with it without any programming knowledge. 

It offers some great features for the user to explore and enhance the SEO rantings. 

Regional Searches

You can conduct effective regional searches in a very simple manner with the tracker’s help in this SERP API. It tracks the user’s selected region quite efficiently and gives specific results to the user. 

However, the private proxy server of the tool is in the US can alter results for those using it in France and Britain. 

Multiple Domains and Demand Checks

Another great feature of WMS SERP API is that it allows you to work with 25 keywords together. You can track these keywords and continue to add more as per your requirement. You can also refresh the ranking for a particular keyword using the refresh button on the tool. 

Localized Tracking

WhatsMySERP SERP Checker lets you track your website’s SEO ranking in different local regions using the localized SEO campaign. You can go to any corner of the world; with this tool to aid your work; you can freely optimize your content. It successfully runs more than regions of Google and is improving continuously to add more to the local listings. 

Desktop and Mobile Tracking

If you optimize the content regularly, you would know that ranking for a particular keyword changes for different devices. This is due to multiple factors like location, environment, search history, etc. With WhatsMySERP SEO tool, you can track the keyword ranking separately for desktop and mobile phones. You can keep a tab on your rankings on any device you want to. 

Using WhatsMySERP

This SERP checker by WMS is pretty simple to use because of its user-friendly interface. You have to register to the tool, which a quick and free-of-cost step. By providing your credentials, you will be asked to generate a password. 

After the registration process is complete, you will be directed to the homepage of the tool. Here you will find all the necessary options and features that you can use while optimizing your content. 

WMS will as you for the domain name and location you want to track your SEO ranking in. You are not restricted to use only one domain name. You can enter in multiple domains and track the SERP ranking for about 5000 words in one go. 

After registration, the tool used is given 25 keywords for every domain entered and 20 regions to check their keyword rankings at no cost. This is one of the most attractive features of this tool as it is permitting you to work with quite a hefty number of keywords without paying loads of money. 

WhatsMySERP Subscription

The tool also offers its user to subscribe to their services if they are impressed by the free version. You can opt for a monthly subscription by entering a valid mode of billing payment.

WMS Support staff

If you fall into any problem or error during billing or find it difficult to figure out some features, you can connect with the support staff of WMS. They have an excellent support staff that caters to the users’ queries and needs as smoothly as possible. 

To sum it up

WhatsMySERP is an amazing and simple way to increase your SEO ranking without facing any trouble. You can master the art of doing so on your own and create highly optimized content without shedding a penny out of your pocket. WMS can be your way to internet popularity with highly optimized content. 

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