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Top 5 Content Marketing Tips for Beginners – Boosting SEO

TechnologyTop 5 Content Marketing Tips for Beginners - Boosting SEO

SEO is a vast field, and content writing is one of its most powerful tools to drive growth for your online business and increase traffic. There are multiple companies that have built their brands with a solid content marketing strategy. Content marketing isn’t just about what you say or write anymore. There are a lot of factors to consider.

Content marketing may seem straightforward, but it is very easy to get stuck and feel like your efforts are going in vain. But, if you have a solid content marketing strategy, then it yields amazing results that boost your overall SEO. It takes focus, determination, and perseverance to reap the rewards of your content strategy.

Content Marketing Tips for Beginners – SEO, e-Commerce, Mobile

In this article, we will discuss the top content marketing tips for SEO, e-commerce, and mobile websites. These tips will help you focus your strategy and improve the SEO of your brand and take it to the next level.

Let’s get started.

1. Be Relevant

According to the Content Marketing Institute, “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – and ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” Thus the first tip is to improve the relevancy of your content.

For example, a year ago, if you searched for events, the SERPs showed top-ranking pages of events near you and upcoming events. Today, the search results show official government articles regarding safety, prevention, and social distancing to prevent transmission of the virus. Thus, make sure your content is relevant to the searches and user’s needs.

2. Match Your Content to User Intent

When it comes to content marketing, people will generally tell you to optimize, optimize, and optimize. But the truth is far from it, over-optimizing your content leads to negative SEO. When you are generating the content, focus on the intent behind it, and a query that you wish to answer with your post.

The May 2020 Google update gives us the following lessons:

  • Don’t over-optimize your online content.
  • Understand the intent behind your content and match it with a question.
  • Don’t stuff your article with random words just for the sake of increasing word count.
  •  Cut down on the number of ads
  • Focus on legibility and optimize the content for users.

Did you know that after the November 2019 Google update, a lot of websites (mainly lifestyle bloggers) lost 30%+ organic traffic because they did not meet the above-mentioned criteria?

So, do consider consulting an SEO services company in Dubai to make sure you have the right content marketing strategy.

3. Effective Link Building

Effective link building is an important tool when it comes to ranking. Think of a backlink as a recommendation. In the past, people used to focus on the quantity of backlinks instead of quality. However, things are quite different now; you cannot build backlinks overnight as it is a gradual process, and it determines how high you will rank in SERPs.

Offpage SEO may be hard for you to get a grasp on, so here are some excellent ways to build good quality backlinks for your online platforms:

  • Take up guest blogging.
  • Create and distribute infographics as it generates 37.5% more backlinks as compared to a blog post.
  • Leverage different social media platforms
  • Use resource links from other trusted and well-established websites to generate quality links.
  • Check backlinks that your competitors are using and replicate them.

4. Be Different

When you are generating the content, ask yourself: “Does the title and content provide insightful analysis into a question, and it is beyond obvious?” Most SEO content focuses on the same keywords, meaning there are a million articles online on keyword “kittens” that say the same thing as everyone else. Meaning that you are simply wasting your time if you are replicating the already existing content online.

Keyword targeting matters a lot, but it doesn’t mean that you should waste your time mimicking the same existing posts. When generating the content, think about ways to make the reader remember your brand in a unique way. Include catchy images, and even small interactive quizzes to engage the user.

5. Analyze Other Outranking Sites

If you have followed the above-mentioned tips, and are still not ranking number one for your keywords, then compare your webpage to the ones that rank better than yours. Even better, consider hiring an SEO company in Dubai to identify where your webpage is lagging in terms of content.

According to Google’s May core update, articles that were short and to-the-point performed better than long articles. Therefore, you need to look at the content of other domains that are outranking you. For example, they might be writing informational articles without Call-to-Actions, and yours might be a more transactional one.

Ready to Boost Your SEO These Content Marketing Tips!

These are our top 5 tips on improving your content marketing strategy for the SEO of your brand. There are multiple ways to optimize your content marketing strategy for boosting organic traffic, but following these five tips will get you back on track and ensure quick results.

Always remember, content marketing takes time to reach its full potential, so take small steps and don’t get discourages as you will not see results over time, but when you do, the results and ROI will be mind-blowing.

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