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4 of The Best Luxury Breaks for Sports Fans

Games4 of The Best Luxury Breaks for Sports Fans

If you’re currently planning your next short break or holiday, and are a sports fan or going away with a sports fan, you may have considered a sports-themed break. If you’re looking to spend a little extra on something special, perhaps for an anniversary or special occasion, you can’t go wrong with either of the breaks we’ve detailed below.

1. Luxury golf breaks

For the golf enthusiast in your life, you simply can’t go wrong with a luxury golf tour break, such as those offered by The Experience St. Andrews. These kinds of golf tours offer the chance to tee off on some of the world’s most famous golf courses, including St Andrews, amongst others. The tours typically last between a couple of days up to 7 days, depending on the package chosen, and are coupled with luxury hotel accommodation in scenic locations, right next to your next golf course.

There is a range of golf courses to choose from across the UK and Ireland, keeping you busy all day long. In the evening, take up some local tourism with city trips, wine tasting, and local tours to explore the area. 

2. Wimbledon 

If you’re a tennis fan, nothing can top the luxury tennis packages offered at Wimbledon. Forget queuing for Heman Hill or sitting in the back row, the VIP packages offered by sites such as offer the best possible way of experiencing Wimbledon, either for a mid-tournament match, or the finals themselves.

Packages include premium seats, personal assistance during the match, return chauffeur transfers from your hotel, and of course the hotel itself, including a wide range of premium options.

3. F1

If you’re a fan of F1, you’ll likely have dreamed about going out to one of the more exotic locations to watch the race, such as Monaco in the luxury location of Monte Carlo. Sites like offer packages which include trackside tickets, luxury accommodation, and the full VIP experience for the avid F1 fan.

For those traveling with a larger budget, there’s also the option to watch the race from your very own yacht situated track-side, for the full VIP experience.

4. Football

If football is your sport of choice, there’s the widest range of luxury break packages available for almost all competitions and leagues. Whether your team has made it to the final of the Champions League, or you’re travelling abroad to watch your country compete in an international tournament, the range of VIP packages available from sites such as is vast.

Some of the more premium packages include luxury travel, either by air or road, premium accommodation, and of course the best seats in the stadium allowing you to watch the same in style.

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