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5 Decluttering Tips For When You Are Short On Time

Home Improvement5 Decluttering Tips For When You Are Short On Time

If you are short on time, you’ll want to try these 5 decluttering tips to get your home clear and tidy.

Decluttering is something many home decor and improvement articles mention. It’s also a core aspect of popular style philosophies like minimalism and Feng Shui.

The problem is, not everybody has endless hours to dedicate to the process of decluttering. You’d love a clear and tidy home but, where do you find the time to achieve it?

If you’re short on time, don’t worry, you can declutter too. With these 5 tips:

  1. Use A Self Storage Unit To Store Items You Declutter

It’s all fine and dandy decluttering, but what do you do with everything you no longer want? It’s not environmentally friendly to throw everything away, and with the tips being very busy at the moment, it’s also not great for time. Selling also takes plenty of time you don’t have.

Why not use a cheap self storage unit to store your things until you have time to move them on? It may not be ideal to rent a cheap self storage just for this reason but, if you have a LOT of decluttering to do before downsizing or you already have a unit, it’s worth using it for this reason. See for more details.

  1. Accept Bitesize Decluttering Is OK

The phrase ‘every little helps’ stands true when it comes to decluttering. You may not have time to declutter the entire house right now, but you do have ten minutes to shred a letter or two. Or half an hour to declutter your kitchen drawer. Bitesize decluttering won’t transform your home now, but in a few months, you’ll see major differences in your home.

  1. Put Effort Into Long Term Functionality

When it comes to prioritising your time, it is important to think about how your home functions not just now but in the future.

If you are a fan of Marie Kondo you will know that a key aspect of her work is making the home more functional, helping you to stop building up clutter in the future. If there are areas of buildup all the time, those areas might need an adjustment like better storage, to help the area function better overall. This will save you time decluttering in the long run.

  1. Deal With Items That Regularly Clutter Up Before They Become Big Jobs

Do you have a pile of paperwork that comes from you placing items in the post you don’t want but never get around to throwing away? Do you have a tendency to leave your clothes washing until the basket is overflowing?

To avoid these things happening, you simply have to think of decluttering and tidying as a weekly or daily job. Changing your habits will change the amount you have to declutter and tidy every month. Put that junk mail right in the recycling, or in the shredder. Wash your clothes every week so there’s never more than one load to do. Yes the tasks are more regular, but they won’t ever become big jobs because of these regular efforts from you.

  1. Watch What You Buy

Another cause of regular clutter building up is mindless consumption. It is something we are all guilty of in a throwaway culture. If we all start to think more carefully about what we buy, we will in turn buy less and try to make what we have last longer. This prevents clutter from building up, saves money, and helps the environment.

The 5 tips above are all designed to help you deal with your clutter better when you are short on time. Using a combination of preventative measures, and clever approaches to decluttering, you can have a clean and tidy house regardless of the amount of free time you have to get it there.

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