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5 Mac Apps Everyone Should Be Using

Technology5 Mac Apps Everyone Should Be Using

If you are a new mac user or even if you are mac veteran you might want to know the best app that you should be using on your macOS. There are some amazing hidden apps out there that can make your routine work life very easy.

Without wasting any time let’s discuss the best apps that you should have in your mac or MacBooks.

Window managers

If you want to improve your productivity with multiple displays without using additional screens then you might want a window manager in your mac.

There are some stunning apps that help you to split the screen in half and multiple sections. You can use different shortcuts for quick access. Start using windows management app like spectacle and work efficiently with multitasking.


It becomes a headache when we have a different application or browser window open for all the different chat services. If you want to have all the chats in one browser then Franz is the answer. Franz aggregates all sorts of chatting services. You can get Slack, Discord, Google Hangouts, Google Inbox, Google Calendar, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Trello and many more opened in a single Franz window.


Some of the websites may be blocked in your country by your government and some of the sites may be blocked by your employer. If you want to access those websites for some reason then you should consider using a VPN like RitaVPN. You can unblock and access any website you want without any harm.

Dropbox or Google Drive

If you are working within the Apple Ecosystem then you should stick to the iCloud but if you are working on cross-platforms then you should consider using Dropbox or Google Drive for storage purposes.

You may be working on Mac at home but your office might have given you the windows PC. So, working on cross-platforms is not so convenient as iCloud does not support Windows OS. Here comes the Dropbox to solve your problem.

The Unarchiver

When working on PC you often need to unzip the ZIP files and extract the RAR files. The Unarchiver is a powerful tool for this purpose.

The best thing about the Unarchiver is that it’s completely free and super simple to use. Whenever you want to extract a compressed file, right-click on it, hover over Open With and select The

If you know other cool mac apps that mac users should be using then do let us know in the comments section below.

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