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5 Simple Reasons Self Storage Is A Great Idea When You Move House

Home Improvement5 Simple Reasons Self Storage Is A Great Idea When You Move House

Moving house? It could be worth getting some affordable self storage to help you through the process.

Are you going to be moving house soon? It’s time to think about using self storage to make things easier. Here are 5 reasons why self storage could be a great idea during this process:

1.   Keeping Things Away From Dust & Debris

During a House move there is often a lot of item disturbance, renovation and decoration where dust and debris is disturbed. This dust and debris can get into every nook and cranny of your stuff, causing damage, staining and general dirtying. To protect your things from this process in your current, or new home, cheap self storage is a fantastic option. You simply pack your things up and keep them in your Storing.com unit until it’s time to take it out as clean as when you left them.

2.   Storing Supplies For Cleaning & Renovation

Whether it is bricks, paint, wallpaper steamers or other cleaning and renovation accessories, there’s a lot of extras when you’re doing up a house. Whether you’re making your current house more saleable, or you’re getting your new place ready for making memories, a safe storage place for all the cleaning and decorating accessories is so useful. It’s especially ideal for large scale renovations.

3.   Having A Safe Middle Ground For Any Empty Property Goods

Sometimes a property has to be empty for some time. It could be your current home as you do a trial period in a new location. It could be your latest purchase that you can’t move into yet because you’re present for viewings at your old home. Either way, a safe middle ground to hold items for the empty property is useful. Essentially, it keeps items safe in the case of a break-in, which is more likely with an empty property. Anything you would not want stealing or damaging in the case of a break-in can be kept safe in your self storage unit.

4.   Keeping Items Whilst You Make Your House Look Better For Resale

When you make your home look better to sell it, you often have to remove personal items like photos and ornaments to make it more neutral. You may also move furniture in order to help potential buyers appreciate the space. A cheap self storage unit gives you the opportunity to store your belongings whilst you make your house look better for resale.

5.   Holding Items Whilst You Settle In

When you settle into a new property you might be decorating, cleaning and otherwise settling into the house. During this stage you may not have the time, or the want, to unpack things like the Christmas decorations or other non-essential boxes. Keeping them in a self storage unit in London (or local to you) means they stay safe, dry and secure until you’re ready to unpack.

By choosing self storage you choose to make things that bit easier during this stressful period. Self storage is such a helpful service, who knows, you might even choose to keep it long after the move, for even more useful dry, safe space for all your ongoing storage needs.

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