7 Reasons Self Storage is A Valuable Business Service

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Find out 10 reasons that self-storage is a brilliant idea for any business in need of a flexible alternative to an office or warehouse.

Self-storage is unlikely to be something you considered a business service to utilize, let alone a valuable business service. Most often when we need space for business we think warehouse or office, which is a real shame when a much more flexible option available.

If you think your business could benefit from space without the restrictions of a hefty contract or high prices, take a look at these 7 reasons self storage is a valuable business service:

1. It Is Always Available

There will always be a unit of the size you need available somewhere. Whereas office space and warehouse space can be sought after in certain locations, storage space is being turned over all the time which means you don’t have to wait to use the space you need.

2. Contracts Are Flexible

The contracts for cheap self storage are very flexible compared to those of warehouse or office spaces. You can often change the space you need month by month if you want and will be able to end a contract very easily with a small amount of notice.

3. Prices Are Better

You do avoid certain business charges with cheap self-storage compared to office or warehouse space. In addition, the price of self-storage tends to be better than a warehouse or office space, particularly when it comes to value. Storing’s website contains more details.

4. Additional Services To Help Your Business

There are additional services associated with self-storage that could help you run your business with more ease. 24/7 receptions, for example, are so helpful for taking stock deliveries that could come at any time. Packing services are also very helpful for preparing items for important deliveries.

5. Security Is Great

The security at a cheap self-storage unit is often better than that at the warehouse or office space. It is constant and usually involves CCTC, gating, various lock points and security guards at least. The best facility owners want customers to know the lengths they go to, to keep their things safe.

6. Ideal For Seasonal Businesses

Self storage units are particularly great for seasonal businesses that require space only at certain times of the year. There are no 6 months or 12-month contracts needed so you can utilize cheap, effective storage space only when you need it.

7. You Can Use The Size Of Space You Need

There is no one size fits all with self-storage, and definitely no need to pay for more space than you need. Instead, units come as small as a gym locker and as big as a football field. So you only ever use the size of the space you need at the time. You can often switch the size of the unit at very short notice too, so changes in your needs aren’t a problem.

Hopefully, the above 7 reasons to consider self-storage for business needs has caught your attention. Self-storage for business is a fantastic alternative to warehouse and office space and it is worth considering if you require some space to grow your company.

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