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7 Unique Gift Ideas for the Modern Couple

Lifestyle7 Unique Gift Ideas for the Modern Couple

Most of the couples start living together before then actually get married. So they already have everyday living necessities. Realizing this fact couples who are going to get married soon should consider the following options.

1. Charitable donations

This is one of the best things you can do to contribute to the betterment of society. You can use an online website offering this facility and make it easy for the guests to donate to the charity you find fit.

2. Homebuilding registry

If you have been planning to build a new house then this is a good option for you to get funding for that. You can ask your guests to contribute cash towards different aspects of the home building processes like downpayment.

You can use online blueprint websites that will let you know the things you need room-to-room for the building process. You can then ask the guests to contribute cash towards those things.

3. Panoramic Wall Art


You should gift something that stays with your beloved ones for a long time. How about panoramic wall art? You can find some cool panoramic wall art Australia and give them as a wedding gift. This will refresh their wall and remind them of you every time they see the artwork.

4. Honeymoon Hedge Fund

For many people, a great honeymoon is their dream. Most of the romantic couples prefer a dream vacation over a meal. You can ask your guests to contribute towards your dream vacation. There are websites like HoneyFund which offer your guests to buy honeymoon-enhancers such as a couple’s massage, candlelit dinners on the beach, or SCUBA lessons!

There are some great sites to guide your guests to gifts that you would totally love. Make your honeymoon dream come true with this amazing idea.

5. Meaningful Momentos

As discussed earlier, you might have most of the housewares at your appartment already so instead of asking for gifts for your home, You can ask each guest to bring you their favorite movie, book, or album. This will fulfill all of your media needs set. You will have amazing things to talk about with your friends and family the next time you see them.

6. Invest in experiences

Rather than buying items that you can buy yourself you should consider experiences you don’t have right now. It is an old saying that money can’t buy happiness—but experiences can! You can ask your guests to purchase cooking lessons, snowboarding passes, bike rentals, or gift cards for different communities.

7. Gift card registry

If you have everything you need then gift cards are always a great option. You can register for a variety of gift cards from all of your favorite stores and restaurants online.

Do you know other tried and true wedding gift registry options that we missed? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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