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8 Creative Ways to Use Your Coloring Pages

Art & Design8 Creative Ways to Use Your Coloring Pages

Coloring is a creative activity which helps you to relax your mind. If you have a coloring craze then you might have created a lot of artwork from the coloring pages.

Did you ever think where you can use these coloring pages and artwork? If you have no idea where you can use them then you are in the right place.

In this article, we will discuss creative ways to use your coloring pages. Here are some of the creative ways to use your artwork.

1. Make a Bookmark.

Print a coloring page design in black and white onto card stock. I normally get the coloring pages from where thousands of creative designs are available.

Now color the design and cut a narrow strip. You can cut it in any shape you want. Now punch a hole on one side and add a tassel. Your bookmark is now ready.

2. Create a Gift Bag.

Make the gift card special by creating it from your coloring pages. Rather than buying a gift bag, create your own by using coloring pages and tell the recipients how special they are to you.

3. Wrap a Gift.

Very simple. If your gift is in a solid box then use a coloring page as a wrapping paper. There you go your gift is ready.

4. Mail Your Masterpiece.

Take a postcard template and print onto card stock. Now paste your coloring page on the backside of the card stock. Use a beautiful design and color it. You can write your message on it, add a stamp and share your art with people who admire you. If you are not sure whom you should send the postcard then you can send it to the welfare organizations.

5. Book It.

If you want a decorative cover for your book then create one using the coloring pages. Simply cut the coloring pages the same size as your book cover and glue them outside the book cover. Use the appropriate designs for your book covers. Color the coloring page design and there it is, your creative book cover.

6. Fold an Envelope.

You can use coloring pages to create a beautiful envelope for your special mail card or letter. You can also use such envelop to hold keepsakes in scrapbook or journal. Take a beautiful design and create an awesome envelope.

7. Gussy up a Gift.

It is very easy to punch gift tags out of your colored page. Once you’ve punched out the shape you want, now punch a hole near the top and add a piece of narrow ribbon, bakers twine or floss to tie the tag onto your gift. Just in case if you don’t have a tag punch, you can simply cut a tag shape out of your coloring page with scissors.

8. Decoupage Your Furniture.

Another creative way to use your coloring pages is decoupage of your furniture. Print the enlarged copies of your favorite coloring pages. You can do coloring even after the decoupage of your furniture.

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