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A bail bondsman or a lawyer – Who should you call first?

BusinessA bail bondsman or a lawyer – Who should you call first?

No one wants to end up in jail! Serving a sentence for a crime one hasn’t committed is never a good feeling. It is essential to get out of jail and fight the legal battle to prove oneself innocent. However, the big question here is that – who should the defendant call? The bail bondsman or a lawyer? The truth is, if one can afford both, then they should appoint both.

However, not every defendant has the financial standing to afford both. Almost 70% of Americans don’t have adequate savings. Hence, the option to hire both is not applicable. So that leaves most people with just one solution. That is, getting in touch with an expert bail bond agent or a bail bond company after the arrest. You will find plenty in your area. You can ask for a recommendation from a lawyer or a family friend and get connected to a bail bondsman. To know more about this, you can check out Delaware County Castle Bail Bonds.

Contacting a Bail Bondsman – Should you employ a bail bondsman? This could be a troublesome choice. In the event that you are confronting a decision between employing a bail bondsman and contracting a legal advisor, let me clarify why I figure you should enlist the legal advisor, rather than the bail bondsman, on the off chance that you can’t stand to enlist both.

As a matter of first importance, a lawyer might have the option to get your adored one out of prison with no bond by any means. Typically, you are qualified for a survey of discharge conditions. An attorney might have the option to get the discharge conditions changed so there is no bond at all or if that is impractical, possibly they can get the bond brought down. Getting the customer out of prison is the principal obligation of the lawyer in any criminal case. However, at that point what?

There are several reasons why reaching out to a bail bond agent is a smart call.

It gives the defendant extra leverage

There are several plea bargains as the prosecutor provides the defendant with a deal! And most times, the transaction is asking the defendant to take the plea for the concerned crime and go home. Here an innocent defendant might have to own up a crime he/she didn’t commit. And that isn’t fair at all. But when the defendant gets bailed out, the chances of prosecutors filing charges are less. It is because now the prosecutors are not in the best position to ask for a plea bargain. 

The defendant can avert the county jail

When the defendant gets bailed out from the local jail within hours, they get transferred to the county jail. And that is a worst-case scenario. It does not act in favor of the defendant. And if the defendant wants to avert this, they can use the services of a bail bondsman, who can take them away from the jail much quicker than they imagined. 

A bail bondsman you can trust

Despite the fact that nobody anticipates that a companion or relative should get captured, having a confided in bail bondsman on your side can have an enormous effect on the speed and effectiveness wherein they are discharged. At Armstrong, we put the requirements of our customers first, and our customized, day in and day out assistance has pointed a limiting the pressure and nervousness of a litigant’s friends and family. Cautious and expert, our Los Angeles bail bondsman care about your notoriety, as well, and will do their absolute best to forestall further shame and keep your issues completely private.

There are no guaranteed outcomes in criminal defense

One of the principal things I advise imminent customers is to address the same number of criminal lawyers as it takes to feel great with procuring one, however, the greatest warning of a lawyer you ought not to contract is one who causes you to accept a positive result to your case is ensured. Lawyers are morally restricted from going into possibility charge understandings for criminal law matters – that implies that a lawyer can’t condition your installment on a specific result of your case.

A lawyer always doesn’t mean freedom

There have been situations when a lawyer committed to winning the case for the defendant, and they failed miserably! If an attorney says that, it’s indeed a red flag. No lawyer can ask you to pay beforehand on an estimated outcome, that is subject to several factors that might change the outcome. On the other hand, the bail bondsman can get a defendant out from the jail faster and allow them the time to smoothen out the issues. The defendant can carry on with their job and also fight the legal battle simultaneously.

The primary benefit of a bail bondsman is that they can free a defendant from jail, faster than one can imagine! The bail bonds will reach out to where the defendant gets held. Every defendant can’t shell out $10,000 or $50,000 on bail. Here the bail bond company or bail bondsman is of great help. And it is more comfortable and much affordable to pay the bail bondsman instead of shelling out a considerable amount of money.

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