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Almost Everything There Is To Know About 5G

TechnologyAlmost Everything There Is To Know About 5G

In this day and age, speed and technology is everything. That day is not far when these two will be the only things to survive in this fast-paced lives that we are living. When super speed and super technology are blended together it makes 5G. 5G, Fifth Generation, a successor of 4G can be defined as the next generation of a broadband connection which promises faster connections, better capacities, and improved capabilities. It defines the newest update on how mobile phones should actually work.

With all the hype, there are debates and researches about the pro’s and cons and there are all types of the school of thoughts so as to better understand what outweighs what. This is a compilation of almost all the information that is available on 5G and how it is going to stand out.


First and foremost quality that has made the people crazy excited about 5G is the speed that it is being promised. Like with 4G, one can download a high definition movie in half an hour, with 5G he would be able to download the same movie in half a second.

Signal Strength

5G also means less losing the signals as happens with 4G when base stations are overloaded. Huawei’s Chief Technology Officer claims that a typical 5G cell tower can handle a hundred times more unique devices than a 4G one could from mobiles to equipment sensors video cameras to smart street lights.


The coverage provision to different areas solely depends upon the decision of carriers basing it upon the net cash flow calculations of different areas.


Latency basically is the speed that a single bit of data takes to travel the journey. With 5G this speed would be reduced to 1ms which is a hundred times faster than a 4G, enabling the user to experience a robotic interaction.


5G will operate on high-frequency bands which will have a lot of capacity but will cover shorter distances. It will clearly allow a fast and wide coverage for communication but the signals would be unable to travel as long as the existing low-frequency signals are doing making the faster connections short ranged.


5G is already up and about in South Korea and in some cities of the US as test runs. It is also available in Estonia, Finland, and Switzerland. China and Japan are on their heels since these availabilities and are targeting 2020 for nationwide rollouts. Rest of Asia and Europe will also follow over the next decade.

Short Term Aspect

According to the research, 5G will benefit the carrier more than the consumer and the costs the carriers will have to bear will be passed on to the consumers as always.

Long Term Aspect

The huge volume of data that the 5G is promising to deliver in the shortest span of time means a lot of bigger things than just faster downloads to one’s phone. Distance learning, connected devices with other devices, associated towns and places and many other applications that need low latency and high bandwidth would no longer just dream as 5G is willing to cater all of these issues.

The Governments need to harmonize the standards for the spectrum, which would be able to carry the vast date as promised by the 5G. It also needs a new and improved infrastructure of masts, base stations, and receivers.

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