Are You Ready For Summer? Here Are 5 Ways To Prepare

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If you want to make the most of summer, now is the right time to prepare. Read about how to get ready for the warmer months in advance.

Those of us who appreciate the sunshine spends the rest of the year thinking about when summer is going to arrive. Come, Autumn, we’re already thinking ahead to Spring, the exciting lead up to summer.

If you’re always daydreaming about golden light and long, hazy days, there are a few things you could be doing right now to prepare. Why spend the season you have waited all year for, wasting time?

Here are our top 5 tips to help you get completely summer-ready:

1. Spring Clean

Who wants to spend summer cleaning? Get the rubber gloves out and give the house a scrub top to bottom, freshening it up for the warmer months.

2. Clear That Garden Right Now

When the garden is not in a state of growth it is so important to clear it of debris and dead foliage. By preparing it now you are free to step straight back into your summer maintenance regime once everything begins growing again. The garden is also completely ready for barbecues and sunbathing, yay!

Whilst you’re at it, why not get into your cheap self storage unit and give your garden furniture a wipe and clean? That way, your garden is ready to move your furniture straight into. Double yay!

3. Start Planning Your Planting

If you fancy a bit of growing in your garden then you’ll want to consider those planting plants now. You can start preparing the ground in winter in some places as long as you don’t get hard frosts. You could also start cultivating shoots in your greenhouse or inside your home as soon as the frosts have finished in your area.

4. Declutter Everywhere

Throughout winter we can stuff all kinds of things into our self storage unit, cupboards, wardrobes, sheds, garages and anywhere else we don’t have to deal with right now. Before summer comes it makes sense to clear out those spaces. This not only refreshes your home and storage unit, but it could earn you extra cash if you take the time to sell on items you no longer want.

5. Get Essential Services Booked In

Services you might be considering for summers such as builders, plumbing, landscaping, moving services or cheap self storage should be booked now. In summer lots of home-related services are booked up because the weather is good and it is a key house-moving season. For those reasons, the sooner you book the services you need, the less likely you are to have to spend your summer days chasing contractors.

Getting ready for summer now will ensure you can spend each and every sunny day enjoying your favorite season. Follow our tips above and do anything you need to do now, to secure your chances of having a summer to remember.